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Our Philosophy

We deeply believe that every couple is unique and every love story is beautiful.

With a flair that is upwardly modern and fashion-forward, we distinct you from the rest.

Our team is passionate about creating raw, intimate moments in both still and motion that evoke vivid memories and emotions when you look at them years down the road.

It’s usual for brides to describe their wedding as an out of body experience. Therefore, we’ll like you to savour all the fleeting, focus on the present and enjoy every moment from the preparation to your actual day.


Our Inspiration

Every experience makes us who we are. We get inspired by the couples around us – the conversations we have, the heartwarming stories of your own: we make these emotions come to life through our work of art. The possibilities are infinite as every couple is uniquely you.


Our Style

We tell stories, whether in stills or motion. Touching stories of love, devotion and commitment through the eye of the lens.

These fond memories are indelibly imprinted on your memory.


Founder's Profile

From the start of her wedding career, Fion Tay has successfully completed over 8,000 weddings, styled numerous artistes and celebrities and orchestrated countless fashion shows with renowned 5-star hotels. From the theme of the wedding dresses and the event to every gown design, material selection, bridal styling (hair and makeup), photography and art direction, these fashion shows are conceptualised and choreographed by Fion’s vision and art direction.

As an entrepreneur, Fion is always looking out for new opportunities or inspiration to grow and venture into new territories. She had ventured into the fashion industry with her own label,  Love, Fioyo – a one-stop women shopping site for everyday fashion to couture gowns where brides can now browse through the finest dresses for rent or purchase easily online. With the entire process being digitalis-ed, brides or grooms can save countless trips to bridal boutiques to find your perfect outfits.


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Fion Tay

Fion's Milestones at The Louvre Bridal

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