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 A pre-wedding photo shoot certainly is one of the most enjoyable occasion for dating couples. At Louvre Bridal, our dedicated team help to immortalize your love story. Whether they are your favourite photo shoot locations or places that played a part in your memory lane, we will make your dreams come true. Most importantly, we understand that every couple is unique with your own personality, charisma, hobbies & likings.  Therefore, our expertise lies in detailed photo shoot conceptualization with creative ideas & concepts.  With a personalized photography experience, trust us; your pre-wedding photos will hold a special place in your heart. 


Indoor Studio Bridal Photo Shoot Singapore

Outdoor Pre-wedding Photo Shoot Singapore


Top Pre-wedding Photographers & Photo Shoot Experience Singapore

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words.

Pictures can tell the couples’ story and capture your emotions. Live the moment and freeze them into your priceless memories. Therefore, whether you prefer a glamorous or a modest approach, our experienced photographers will make sure you look natural in discovering your best angles. In addition, with the right bridal image styling & wedding dresses to fit your theme and location, we ensure to outshine you in your wedding pictures.

When memories of your wedding starts to fade one day, your beautiful pre-wedding photographs will not. Therefore, a pre-wedding photo shoot will make your wedding journey a priceless experience in the many years to come.  

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Journalistic. Natural. Lifestyle.

pre-wedding Singapore-Louvre Bridal
pre-wedding photography Singapore-Louvre Bridal

Contemporary. Jubilant. Creative.

pre wedding photos Singapore -- Louvre Bridal
modern pre wedding photos Singapore -- Louvre Bridal

Elegant. Dreamy. Romantic.

pre-wedding photo shoot Singapore-Louvre Bridal
Singapore pre wedding-photo shoot -- Louvre Bridal

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