Korean Concept

Are you a pet lover? Do you want to experience being friends with an
adorable sheep? Do you want animals included in your pre-wedding photoshoot?

Our exclusive cottage-themed studio rears real animals such as dogs and sheep so you can engage with them in your Korean-styled photoshoot. Make it a woof-derful and meeh-morable shoot of a lifetime!

We offer a wide range of indoor concepts for you. Dreamy, elegant, fun?
Whatever your fancy, we’re here to give it you! With the best studio lighting plus a myriad of unique backdrops to choose from, you’ll be sure to create an outdoor look to your pre-wedding shoots without breaking a sweat!

In love with Korea’s scenic landscape?

If you are, then choose our outdoor garden concept for you pre-wedding photoshoot. Every season in Korea is a good time to capture your special moments! Autumn is a good time to enjoy strolling along the trees, while springtime gives you the most picturesque setting of pink cherry blossoms. Achieve your dream of an outdoor pre-wedding shoot in Korea by booking this moment with us at The Louvre Bridal.

Let’s go au naturel here!

Scenic landscapes, wonderful waterfalls and splendid flower fields… all these in Jeju ensure that you are in for picture-perfect, pre-wedding photographs! Jeju was voted as one of Asia’s top romantic honeymoon destinations for all these natural offerings. How can you resist a pre-wedding photoshoot in Jeju, Korea?

Take your pre-wedding photoshoot with a fun and casual tone with “Dating Snaps,” a romantic concept fit for couples who like easy-breezy lifestyle photography.

Casual activities such as having ice cream in a parlor, seating on park benches or walking down the streets of Korea are so effortless you won’t even notice that your photos are being captured. Think of it as a date in Korea!

Curious to know if anyone has ever done this before?

Here are our beautiful Singaporean couples who experienced what is it like to be “celebrities” in Korea. They surely have enjoyed the splendid treat of being Korean stars on set with topnotch service, extravagant interior design, cozy couches and luxurious backdrops!

Elegant Photoshoots with Singapore’s Best Korean pre-wedding photographers, bridal makeup artists & Korean gown designers

Bask in the land of numerous handsome and beautiful Korean celebrities with The Louvre Bridal’s pre-wedding package composed of the most talented pre-wedding photographers, bridal gown designers, and bridal hair and makeup artists.

You will be amazed how natural all of these will become because of the expert hands of our team.

As the official partner of Korea Tourism Organization, we guarantee you a hassle-free journey to Korea while you are welcomed by the country’s lovely seasons. Choose among a wide variety of Korean pre-wedding concepts which you can enjoy without any agent fees!

The Korea designer gowns hold distinctive features because of each dress’ perfect cut that shapes the wearer’s silhouette, creating the perfect hourglass illusion. Our exclusive Korean designer gowns and suits will be within your arm’s reach to further enhance your ultimate pre-wedding Korea photo shoot experience.

Of course, your pre-wedding photoshoot will not be complete without the pampering of the best Korean-style bridal makeup artists.

Plan and realize your pre-wedding photoshoot with us and look your absolute best with the help from The Louvre Bridal!

Korean style and sophistication at our boutique

The Louvre Bridal promises this for every bride: a blend of classic beauty and contemporary take on your wedding dress.

Whether you want to feel like a beautiful princess or a powerful modern woman, we have the wedding gowns and the looks made just for you. We’ll help you find the wedding dress of your dreams that perfectly matches your figure and provides you with the flattering silhouette.

With years of experience making Singapore brides beautiful, trust us to have you looking your best on your big day.

Contact our boutique today to learn more about our range, our business or our services. If you’d like to make an appointment or enquire about our destination photo shoots, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Call our studio today at (+65) 6337 7808 or send us a message via our contact page or through email to enquiry@thelouvrebridal.com.

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