Destination Pre-Wedding

Home to captivating natural landscapes, scenic beaches and exotic historical wonders, Bali was baptized with the moniker “Island of the Gods” for several reasons. As one of the sought-after destinations in the Indonesian archipelago, Bali is definitely the home of the gods as it successfully married the traditional spirit and modern vibe in one island.

Fancy shots with the postcard-worthy views of Taman Ujung Water Palace, the former palace of the Karangasem empire? Or do you prefer capturing moments at the famous Blue Point Chapel in Uluwatu? Or maybe travel to the exotic spots where dormant volcanoes and nature reserves capture your interest?

Whatever it is that captures your interest, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in Bali!

Paris — the City of Lights, Love and Romance — is the quintessential pre-wedding photo shoot destination.

The vast collection of The Louvre Museum, the historical significance of the Arc De Triomphe, the sentimental Notre Dame De Paris, and the romantic tale of Pont des Arts … all these make Paris the most beautiful backdrop for you and your partner.

Paris never gets old so do not hold back! Be charmed by Paris’ exquisite French architecture as you take on your memorable poses with the love of your life.

Of course, do not ever forget that we will make all of these a breeze for you with the bride wearing her French-inspired wedding gown and the groom looking oh-so-dashing in his bespoke suit.

Let’s create picture-perfect moments for this dream pre-wedding destination along with our internationally-recognized photographers and team of talented creatives!

So go on! Hold each other closer and whisper sweet nothings.

You’re in Paris; love is definitely in the air!

Oh the land of sun, surf, sand, and sea!

A peaceful, laid back atmosphere is what we will capture for this pre-wedding photo shoot…perfect for a couple who prefer to relax and chill no matter where life takes them together.

Take a stroll along the streets of Fremantle, Perth and we’ll gladly follow you as you do so. Experience the many quirks of this destination that is known for its historical architecture and marine heritage.

Tired of walking?

Then let’s head straight to the popular Cottesloe Beach, a favorite seaside destination with its pristine white sand and clear blue waters! It is located only a stone’s throw away from the city so it is definitely worth a pose or two with you.

If you’re adventurous, then reach the highest tip of the city, King’s Park! Or opt to take a walk under a towering hundred-year-old eucalyptus canopies at the Bushland Nature Trail.

There’s definitely a lot of options so feel free to take your picks.

And then, do what you are made to do at this point in your life: gaze into each other’s eyes.

Take your sweet time because the moment is yours.

Breathtakingly beautiful wedding pictures and unforgettable memories sealed with our team of wedding specialists

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words.

Imagine what stories they could tell when you have an album full of them!

Allow us to travel with you and explore the wonders of the world as we capture the magic of your love around the world’s most beautiful places.

Your romantic wedding story awaits you in one of these destinations for your overseas pre-wedding photo shoot!