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Customised Bridal Packages Singapore

Louvre Bridal’s offers world-class expertise in wedding planning and conceptualization.

 On top of high quality wedding dress and wedding gowns rental for the bride, we offer wide range of bridal services and bridal packages in Singapore that allows customization to suit each couple’s sophistication and charisma.

We listen with an open mind and a sincere heart. So, share with us your liking and ideas.

From pre-wedding photo shoot to actual day wedding services, 
we go the extra mile to understand you
and design the most comprehensive bridal packages with you in mind.

 Personalized and customised to every individual couple, we distinct you from the rest and ensure that your wedding is as hassle-free as it is happy and joyous.

Let our passionate, experienced and committed team listen to your stories and write your beautiful “Wedding Tales”.


Best Solemnization Packages & ROM Dresses Singapore

Weddings in the new normal of living with Covid-19, there are many ways we can pre-plan your intimate affair creatively to make your special day a memorable one too.

From venue floral decorations to interesting video presentations and to selection of a lightweight solemnization wedding dress , we are more than delighted to plan a customised Minimony package for your ROM.

Get in touch with us for a non-obligation solemnization or wedding planning session today.