There was a jaw-dropping performance recently, were you aware?

Being the First and Only Korean Concept Bridal & Styling in Singapore and bringing couples to enjoy the Korean Concept Photography in Korea, we shared the joy of the unique Korean makeup trends, by holding an exclusive and privilege Korean Makeup Workshop on Saturday, 30th January 2016!

If you’ve missed the event, read on as we let you in on the highlight of the event – a live demonstration from our very own exclusive Korean Bridal Makeup Artist!



The morning began bright and early as our Korean Makeup Artist (K-MUA) started fresh and early to prepare for the exciting day ahead!  Within a matter of minutes, the stage was all set up with her eye catching collection of professional makeup cosmetics. Ranging from blushers, to eyeshadows, to lip tints, oh it’s every girl’s dream!


Not long after, our model for the day, Yan Yi, our Louvre Bride arrived! Our K-MUA then got her ready by pampering her with rich hydrating masks and fixing up her desired hairdo to accentuate the Korean essence.



As the clock went ticking, many couples began to stroll in taking their seats, anticipating the transformation that’s about to take place in front of them. Soon, all the seats were filled up and the moment all the couples have been waiting for…began!

The K-MUA began the workshop starting with the brows, giving tips to couples as she went along. Gradually, you could see her bring out the straight brows look with a subtle round shading just slightly on top of the natural brow shape for a light and sweet touch, the top pick of the latest 2016 Korean Makeup Trends as mentioned previously on our feature in the New Paper of the New Bridal Trends of 2016!

As they say eyes are the windows to your soul, who says you can’t beautify that window to be the best one you’ve ever seen? Carefully picked shades of pink and brown eye shadows were used to bring out the pop of colour of Yan Yi’s eyes. Also, the K-MUA added a slightly dramatic effect with the feminine eyeliner look.

With couples eyes glued to the stage , they were benefiting from all the tips and tricks our Korean Makeup Artist was giving, as she shared a very informative and transformative session! It was like you are watching magic being revealed right in front of your eyes!


And Ta-da! Here is the before and after look!

After the session, many couples began to crowd around the stage, all taking turns to ask our exclusive Korean Makeup Artist for advice she may have, turning the workshop into an enriching Q&A session. Everyone praised the Korean Makeup Artist’s work and gave great feedback on the workshop, bringing a perfect end to the afternoon.

If you’ve been dreaming of how you can attain the vibrant and youthful Korean makeup look for your Korean Styled pre-wedding photo shoot and actual day wedding. Here is your golden ticket to bringing the glam desired look to life. Furthermore, with us being the pioneers in Korean Concept Bridal styling from head to toe, you may even be mistaken for Koreans!

Couples who are eager to experience this transformation, we are also pleased to provide a free consultation for you!

Also, feel free to take a look at our previous events for the beautiful Korean Bridal look transformation.

It’s a once in a lifetime chance to magically transform into an even more beautiful swan, would you want it?

We know a smart bride would 😉

P.S Stay tuned for more events & workshops!

}The Louvre Bridal Team