Have you dreamt of a fairytale wedding? Read on to find out how to realize your fairytale wedding.


By now, you must have realized that fairytales starts with “Once upon a time” and finishes off with “and they lived happily ever after”. These fairytales illustrate the dream of having true love. The moment when true love is yours to call and the amazement of knowing you will start your life together anew and that’s what marrying your other half feels like.

Jun Jie and Elaine knew that sometimes, love could give them a fairytale love story and were eager to express their love story in the form of an extraordinary pre-wedding photoshoot right here in Singapore, realizing their fairytale wedding.


In October 2015, we got acquainted to the tender-loving couple Jun Jie and Elaine. As with every couple, we learn and get to know about the progress of the wedding preparations and if there were points or elements in the wedding planning which they seek to understand better. At that time, the affectionate couple were still very much in the early stages of their planning preparations. We then planned their wedding schedule for their fairytale wedding to comes alive.


We learnt that the couple was looking towards an intimate garden wedding at One Rochester. Since they were in love and intrigued by nature and scenic backdrops but wanted something different, we introduced the list of themes from our “Thematic Concepts Shoot” which had the sweet and romantic garden vibes, which was perfect for their styled wedding photoshoot. Seeing how seamlessly it blends to make their garden wedding theme complete, how hassle-free it was and how achievable this fairytale wedding in Singapore for their pre-wedding photoshoot, the lovebirds made the decision to take up one of the “Thematic Concepts” and we’re pretty sure you can guess which one!


Straight out of a fairytale storybook, Elaine sat on her very own version of a Cinderella-Themed white carriage waiting for her prince charming, Jun Jie to pick her up! Decorated with soft pink flowers, our fairytale wedding  “Thematic Concepts Shoot” set the mood for a sweet garden romance ambience. Elaine had “I’m a blissful princess bride” written all over her face! They couldn’t believe that all these could be done right here in Singapore.


The table was decorated with sweet pink tea cups and miniature cupcakes and macaroons all over along with a lace cloth to give the finishing touches. Huge pastel pink and blue balloons brightened up the whole scene. As Elaine dons an off shoulder long train gown with detailed lace designs and fine embroidery, the gown was definitely in theme with the elaborate set up and befitting for a ‘princess bride’. Complimenting his beautiful bride, Jun Jie wore a matte checkered blazer and suit making the couple look compatibly glamorous together! Every shot captured by the wedding photographer was infused with their romance for each other, it’s like they were in their own wonderland.


Having a love for nature, they ventured further into the green pastures with their lovely balloons, with the balloons representing both of them as free lovebirds embarking on their new journey together. They also brought along their furry friend to join them in their ideal fantasy inspired themed shoot. That’s the dream isn’t it? It was indeed having the best of everything.


As dusk fell, they travelled to another location to complete their photoshoot journey. Amidst the soft orange evening glow, and the tall grasses Jun Jie and Elaine held each other in their arms filled with bliss. Elaine glowed with radiance in her bright blue layered gown with 3D floral embellishments and Jun Jie opted for a different look with just his shirt and a vest, finishing off the look with a checkered bow tie. Once again, with their man’s best friend they travelled into the woods for mini bohemian-inspired themed photos to enhance their outdoor garden photoshoot theme.


To complete their fairytale wedding, they ended off with a picturesque shot of the sunset in the backdrop while being entwined by the fairylights, a small but simple visual significance of their love illuminating their lives. Seems extremely magical right?

Expressing Jun Jie and Elaine’s very own fairytale in the form of their pre-wedding shoot was a good idea and was definitely achievable! By giving advices on the photoshoot location and matching their wedding outfits to suit the theme shoot, we are glad to have played a huge part in their wedding journey. This was definitely a once in a lifetime experience where they will truly remember that “sometimes love gives us a fairytale”.

Have you been looking for ways to tell that love fairytale of yours? Now you can see that you actually can with our fairytale themed “Thematic Concepts Shoot”! If you’re still visualizing and only have your ideas in bits and pieces, let us string them all into one complete story together with you.

Whatever your  princess fairytale dream is, be it a sweet dessert table to mimic Alice In Wonderland’s Tea Party, Cinderella’s one and only dashing carriage ride or the grand fairytale setup you’ve always dreamt of, your very own fairytale wedding photoshoot awaits.

Let us know, if you want it to come true by ringing us at 6337 7808 or dropping us an email at enquiry@thelouvrebridal.com to find out more!

}The Louvre Bridal Team