If the world is your backdrop, where would you choose to go with your beloved?

Hand in hand and beaming with bright sunny smiles, looking casual yet posh along the streets of Korea! How does that sound? Romantic? 🙂

Instead of just hearing about how amazing Korea is to us, let us share with you our Louvre Couple’s Ee Sin and Cassandra special wedding journey and perhaps you too can be inspired for your very own wedding!


When we first met the friendly and amiable couple, they already had their eyes set on Korea for their pre-wedding photoshoot and were keen to learn more. Being the Recognized Partner of Korea Tourism Organization and the First bridal boutique in Singapore to introduce Korean Concept Pre-wedding photography, we shared with them the interesting sights and sceneries they were in for, as well as learning about any doubts they may have about the photoshoot cycle. With a variety of backdrops to offer in each photo studio and with our close connections to the studios in Korea, we partner with about 60 studios and counting to find the one which fits best to your personal preference and taste.


Although every season has something it offer, it also boils down to the couple’s preference. Through the discussion, we learnt more about the couple and advised them on going during the Autumn season which happens to be now till November! Apart from the cool breezy weather you get to enjoy the autumn foliage everywhere around the city and we would recommend stopping by Samcheongdong for its breathtaking view of the hanoks blending with the golden hues of autumn leaves. What’s more, a line of events are usually scheduled during this period, ranging from movie film festivals, to flowers and food festivals! What an eventful weddingmoon this will be!


For some, heading overseas for a wedding photoshoot may be daunting especially if it was the first time heading to that country and the unfamiliar surroundings may make you think twice. But how about looking at it from a different angle? You can take this as an opportunity for a holiday and spend quality time with each other. Perhaps it could even be a milestone for both of you travelling to this country for the first time? You will also get to discover scenic spots and have really beautiful pictures! It’ll certainly save you the trouble if you’re already scrambling through “photo-worthy” places to shoot in Singapore.

After hearing these advice and the experiences we shared of past Louvre couples, Ee Sin and Cassandra truly believe in us wholeheartedly and decided to sign a full wedding combo package from pre-wedding to actual day because they knew that it is cost-effective and makes the whole planning smoother because ultimately they both have a coordinator who will be with them through every step of the way and allowing a level of bond and deeper understanding of preferences to be formed.

They knew they could truly entrust their entire wedding in the hands of The Louvre Bridal also of the infinite testimonials and credentials.


With dreamy natural landscapes in Korea with a sea of green foliage and a blend of crisp autumn leaves surrounding you as you lean in for a kiss in the arms of your one true love – isn’t that what magic sounds like?



Being the happy lively couple that they are, the vintage car backdrop was perfect for them. With cute poses and a blend of romantic, intimate moments, you could definitely see that they too were having a whirl of a lifetime. Especially that passionate kiss – sure looks like a scene straight out of those K-Dramas!  With little streets of cafes lining up the area, we bet you couldn’t tell that this is actually a rooftop garden designed to look like a casual coffee house street, specialty of this Korea photoshoot studio!


The wonderful thing about having your pre-wedding photoshoot in Korea is the myriad of backdrops they have to offer in the Korea photo studios. Besides the natural landscapes of Mother Nature, they too have grand captivating backdrops which will make you feel like royalty once you take a step inside, just the way you ought to feel for your once in a lifetime moment.

7.korea-photoshoot-romantic 6.korea-photoshoot-indoor

Even if you didn’t already know how to pose like a princess, when you reach there you will instantly know how to, just like magic! Well maybe, not quite like magic but the friendly photographers in the Korea studios there will make you feel at ease as they will guide you along with the posing and definitely making you look your very best. With these majestic, posh and romantic moments captured, if anyone were to look at these photos, wouldn’t you think that they could be mistaken for professional Korean models?


Ee Sin and Cassandra had a blast during their photoshoot (as you could tell). Furthermore, what made them extremely happy was because before the wedding photoshoot, they had a dream to have a shot on the balcony with the veil in her hair slowly flowing with the wind and this dream of theirs was finally fulfilled when they had their pre-wedding photoshoot in Korea with the help of our recommendation.

As months flew by, alas, it was the day everyone has all been waiting for friends, family and definitely the couple itself. Finally, they could be together as man and wife. Catch what you missed with their actual day wedding photos!


The joyous occasion began as the chubbly cute boy was there to open the door for the groom and these oranges are left in the bridal car for good fortune and in turn this adorable little boy gets a red packet in return, what a good deal isn’t it?

You’re probably thinking, what’s inside? I guess you’ll never know but what we all do know is that all these gatecrashing games is definitely worth it the moment the groom takes a glimpse of his sweet beloved wife, waiting for him to start a life together.




Soon night fell and the celebration of the night was about to begin! Everyone was indeed having a lovely time. Having such a close relationship with the couple, our team made a trip down to congratulate them on their very special event in their lives. Because this no longer feels like job to us but rather, friends of ours tying the knot on this joyous occasion.



Here comes the… Officer Cadets! As the wedding march in began, thanks to Ee Sin’s cadet team, a grand entrance took the stage with honourable, dashing cadets followed by the full of smiles and blissful bride and groom. As they took the stage, all eyes were hooked onto them as they leaned in for a kiss, how romantic!

Having a Tiffany Blue wedding theme in mind, it made the selection of the gowns a much easier process. Our wedding advisors were able to advice on which colours could go well with her theme as well as the colours which could complement his suit too.

For the white gown, Cassandra picked a sweet laced off shoulder gown.  Adopting a sweet look, it brought out the lovely and dainty side of her which made her look even more stunning. As for the coloured wedding dress, Cassandra selected a pastel blue gown with intriguing dramatic layers of ruffles which was in sync with her Tiffany Blue theme but yet had that little touch to outshine as well. Ee Sin picked out a pristine white and charming grey suit to be as one with his beautiful bride.

Seeing our couples go through a smooth sailing wedding journey is our priority and hence, we were there with them through every step of the way to answer their every query, no matter how small.


Full of pride and glory, Ee Sin whooped up his beautiful bride and swept her off her feet, he truly indeed is her Prince Charming!  As the night began, sounds of laughter and heartfelt messages begin to circle the room. This night, was truly was a moment in time captured of how truly blessed and happy they were just to be with each other.


Going through the entire wedding journey with Ee Sin and Cassandra left us teary-eyed when we saw how far we have come together with them and the friendship that has been established over the journey of their pre-wedding photoshoot and actual day wedding. It was truly a meaningful moment for us too because it was an experience of yet another successful wedding, giving us the drive to do better with every wedding we plan. Even though our discussion was a mere hour or so, they entrusted us with an entire year’s worth of wedding planning to bring them the wedding of their dreams.

So once again, if the world is your backdrop, where would you go and who would you entrust these once in a lifetime photos with? If you are a smart bride, you would definitely choose a vendor which makes you feel comfortable sharing your doubts with and also give you advices on how you can achieve your dream photoshoot to your actual day wedding even. Plus, with our LOWEST B2B Rates, your Korea Pre-Wedding photoshoot dreams will be so easy to realize, come check it out here!

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