Being a bride-to-be you must have kept your eyes wide and ears open to the sagas of newlyweds being disappointed with their wedding photos. Now you can heave a sigh of relief when we say, sometimes it might just be a matter of miscommunication.

Many weds-to-be do not know how to convey their preferences to their pre-wedding or actual day photographers with the right terms and sometimes the end product becomes unsatisfactory to them. Hence, we will be sharing with you on the right terms for the wedding photography approach you’re looking for with the Actual Day Photos from our Louvre Bride and Groom, Weiliang and Jasmine! If you’ve missed out their Korean Pre-Wedding Photoshoot previously, check the star-studded couple here!


Without having a reliable and trusted professional wedding photographer, how will you be able to capture that perfect kiss, the unveiling of the veil, the emotional moments in the right angles for you to feel the same way you feel on your wedding day, in many decades to come?

If you do not already know, being a pre-wedding photographer vs an actual day wedding photographer requires different set of skills. Since the moments captured on your wedding day does not allow any time to slip away, the actual day photographers have to not only be experienced but agile as well.

Going back to our roots, we grew from a wedding photography studio into a bridal studio and now having a background of 11 years and counting in wedding photography it makes us particularly nitty gritty when it comes to photography styles, its terms and photo quality.

Wedding photography styles vary from one photographer to another and usually every photo studio has their own photography direction.  Without further ado, we shall share with you on how to use the right terms to communicate with your photographer on your preferred photography styles.


Focusing more towards a photo journalistic style approach for your actual day wedding photos, it is essentially a natural approach from the photographer who follows the one and only Weds-to-be and the guests throughout the day while at the same time being on the sidelines to photograph the events of the ceremony in an unobtrusive manner. Even if you couldn’t see your bridesmaids share a huge laughter during the gate-crashing moments or your grandfather tearing up during your speech, you will when you take a look at your actual day photos at the end of your ceremony.

These photographers excel in capturing emotions, expressions and candid moments rather than setup poses. This method is all about observation, anticipation and spontaneity. This means that your photographer has to be someone who is quick, has a keen eye for the details around him and definitely someone who is sensitive to the surroundings and perfect moments around him.

As mentioned, every wedding photography studio has their own photography approach, but we believe that by capturing in just one photography style, sometimes the true essence of the moment has not been fully captured.


The traditional and classic wedding photos definitely should not be missed out on your wedding day as well! Similar to the ones you have seen in your parents wedding album or grandparents even, these images are the ones that will never grow old – eye-catching, gorgeous and a tad formal.  These photos are usually dominated by carefully posed shots, ranging from the whole wedding party to just the wedding couple themselves.

TLB-Wedding-Photography-Styles09 TLB-Wedding-Photography-Styles01

The contemporary and artistic photography style is one that requires much skill and effort because the photographer has to scout the place for interesting spots to use as a backdrop or a space that has strong light effects and unusual angles to create visually interesting images. Ultimately, this style may not fully capture the true emotions or traditions of the wedding but the photographer’s style will be portrayed through the wedding album and making it unique.



Lastly, we have the lifestyle photography style which looks mostly candid but requires some direction and styling which creates a beautiful but relaxed pose. A good photographer will look for moments but also help set the scene and this approach eases up  wedding couples who are camera shy to be comfortable and portray pleasing and delightful shots.


Why a journalistic approach works best for your actual day wedding is because it provides the fullest coverage. For journalistic style approaches, a tip to note is that the photographers may be quite quiet so sometimes couples wonder if the photographer knows what he is doing, but trust us when we say, he does!  For photojournalistic photography, it is also important to entrust your perfectly captured moments in your photographer’s hands (literally too!).


Since the style is towards a certain approach it may be subjective to each couple’s preferences and what we advise is that perhaps you can discuss with your photographer beforehand. Allow yourself to familiarize with your wedding day photographer and perhaps before you begin your special day you can let him know whether you are looking towards more posed or candid moments.

So there you have it, the compilation of photography styles for you to learn what your options are and help you have a better grasp on how to decide the styles you want for your actual day moments. Being versatile in our wedding photography, you can have the choice to infuse the various photography styles along with the journalistic style approach. Here’s the missing piece to complete your wedding!

Come and talk to our experienced team with international awards to their name and keep the moments you want to remember forever with the professional photography styles and right approaches according to your wedding planning.

}The Louvre Bridal team