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“Sometimes home is not four walls but two eyes and a heartbeat.”

Hello, all brides-to-be who are nature and pet lovers! How does the smell of fresh, crisp air of the outdoors together with your best pals (pets) in your most joyous wedding moments sound? Your best pals have been part of your everyday lives, and you want them to be inside your wedding photos? We don’t see why not!

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Sharing with you the magical moments of Louvre Couple, Cassian and Cindy you can now have ideas on how you could engage your furry friends into your wedding photos with you! With a multitude of themes from the selection of “Thematic Concepts Shoot”, the suave and sweet couple chose the “In The Wild” theme due to its rustic yet hints of vibrancy it embodied. Being a fan of the outdoors, and having the idea of capturing their love amidst the green grass fields with their adorable dogs, this theme was in sync with what the weds-to-be had in mind for their wedding photos.

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With a specially curated selection of props and photo inspiration samples prepared by us, the couple had an excellent overview of how the props could help accentuate the theme. Looking great, the couple laid comfortably with their props on a large lace mat along with the lace umbrella, dried flowers and wood crates to exude the chic, vibrant bohemian vibe. These journalistic shots indeed framed up those infectious blissful smiles from Cassian and Cindy; you can feel their love just by browsing their wedding photos!

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Matching the theme effortlessly, Cindy donned a lovely long train white gown with a simple and classic sweetheart bodice. In the close-up shots, you’ll be able to see how we helped the lovely bride style her accessories and look to fit the theme and lush setting! The sweet pink and peach floral headband was chosen to match the hints of colour from the fragrant dried flowers bridal hand bouquet. Doesn’t she just look absolutely stunning and picture-perfect?

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Encompassing the classic black and white combo, Cassian put on a black suit with white trimmings and topped it off with a black bow tie. With their sweet, intimate poses, these two lovebirds sure were in their own world while the photographer secured many photojournalistic moments. We can also learn from Cassian’s gentleman’s actions like him putting his jacket over Cindy, which is definitely a gesture brides will be smitten by and makes for a great wedding photo!

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If you’re looking to add that something extra to your wedding photos, take a tip out of the couple’s secret prewedding photoshoot handbook by adding a few props of your own. Perhaps your personal keepsakes, which hold great significance, your furry friends or even just balloons to represent your fun and carefree nature! With something close to your heart, it can help to naturally bring out the mood and feel you want for your shoot, letting you have the best candid yet expressive moments in your wedding photos.

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Cassian and Cindy were definitely in love with the theme and had a memorable Singapore pre-wedding photoshoot! By providing advices on the photoshoot locations, to helping with the styling of the photoshoot, we are delighted to have been a part of their beautiful wedding journey!

Feel like these natural landscapes call out to you? Or ready to hop off your seats to check out the other themes we have? Come let us know more about your very own love story and we can help you personalize your very own wedding photoshoot and develop your extraordinary wedding photos.

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