Every bridal boutique carries their own distinct touch in making every bride’s dream come true. However, our expertise lies in matching the right wedding dress to your body type, the Asian brides perfectly.

It is important to identify the characteristics and remember that Southeast Asian bodies and skin color differ with considerable variation between individuals.

Here’s some characteristics:

  1. Lower levels of lean tissue (muscle) relative to height.
  2. A higher amount of overall central fat storage, also known as belly fat.
  3. Narrow shoulder.
  4. Arm and shoulder fat.
  5. Height of 155 cm – 170cm
  6. Yellow skin tone.

In the light of the research, we would like to offer some advice to help brides become their best selves on their wedding day with Southeast Asian fitted gowns.


Thinking about V- waistline and ballgown

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Having a V- waistline cutting can enhance your body shape tremendously. Additionally, ballgowns help you to hide your body’s flaws like belly fat and narrow or wide hip. This combination will be the perfect choice for brides who like to shine yourself with inner confidence.


Giving the off-shoulder wedding dress a chance

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If you have a narrow shoulder and small upper bodice, you should give yourself a chance to try on the off-shoulder wedding dress style. This popular neckline can add more volume to the upper body part to help you balance your body proportion. Furthermore, it brings attention to your beautiful collar bone or your bust area as to highlight your assets.


Adding the illusion gown with 3D embroidery to your list

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To have some shoulder and arms fat is common, especially for women. Therefore, some brides have concerns and fear to try on a sleeveless wedding gown. From our experiences, we would recommend an illusion gown with 3D embroidery. As we draw the focus to the small detailing like exquisite 3D flower appliques and shimmering crystals, you will look effortlessly beautiful with the help of visual effect.


Trying colored wedding dresses instead of white

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We know some brides may not feel confident in a colored wedding dress due to having a yellow skin tone or other personal opinions. There are a spectrum of colors Southeast Asian brides can wear, such as champagne, pink, cream, butter, light blue, and mint green. Therefore, it will be amazing to highlight your skin tone with the right colors. So, enjoy a wedding full of fun and happy colors!


Getting the suitable length for wedding gowns

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Some Southeast Asian brides are more petite than others. Usually, the average height is 155cm to 170cm. That is why you must exercise cautious when choosing your wedding dress of a suitable length. Picking the proper measurements and the length of the train of the gown is crucial to make you feel easy and comfortable in managing your gown for the day. Choose one that is easy for you to move about. For brides who opt for the same gown for your actual day and dinner, we would highly recommend a convertible wedding dress with multi-way dressing and versatile looks. There’s a spectrum of beautiful wedding gowns in our showroom located in Singapore


We hope the above sharing is useful for your consideration in selecting your dream gown.

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