Wedding Gown Rental: Top-rated Wedding Gown Necklines for Rental in Singapore

Wedding gown rental in Singapore is a lot more common than you may think. Renting a wedding gown is cheaper than purchasing one.

Storing wedding gowns can be a hassle, especially when you consider our living spaces. However, with a rental gown, you won’t have to worry about storage and maintenance.

Moreover, with the wide array of wedding gowns available to choose from, opt to rent one that is similar or identical to your ideal gown. This way, you can still walk down the aisle in your dream dress while being able to save on costs and hassle.

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Ladies, today’s post is going to reveal the 5 top-rated wedding gown necklines among our Singapore brides. The neckline determines the way your jawline, neck, collarbones, shoulders, and décolletage look.  Don’t forget! Your choice of jewellery also depends on your neckline.

Therefore, it is important to select a neckline that fits you well depending on the style, chest size and even thickness of your neck. Start scrolling below for some of the popular necklines available for your wedding gown rental.


wedding gown rental

Illusion wedding dress necklines are super on-trend. Typically made of lace, tulle or net for that transparent look. Usually illusion necklines help give structure to a low-cut dress, allowing the bride to feel confident without pulling at her dress all night. It places beaded detail and lace appliqués that seem to float upon a bride’s skin, adding depth and intrigue to any style while also providing the comfort of a little extra coverage.


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wedding gown rental

The sweetheart wedding dress neckline mimics the shape of the top of heart, so it really plays off the romance of a wedding. It skims to cover the bodice and dips in a deep V in the cleavage area. So, if you want a modest option, then go for one with shallower shape.

Furthermore, this bridal gown neckline is flattering on most body types, because it accentuates the curves and breaks down the monotony of a boring silhouette. However, to carry this neckline well, you will have to have fuller bust and of course your confidence!



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A halter neckline dress has straps that wrap around the back of the neck, instead of connecting to the back of the bodice. It’s great for fuller chested brides who need a little bit of support. If you have a small chest and athletic shoulders, then a halter neck is also great for you. It allows you to show off your arms while proportioning it to your neck and chest.


Off the Shoulder

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Off-the-shoulder shapes highlight your shoulders and collar bone and draw the eye up to balance out a fuller middle. Romantic and flirty, off shoulder tops and cold shoulder tops flatter shapes from pear and athletic to petite and hourglass. An off-the-shoulder wedding gown also works well for small to medium busts and narrow shoulders. Like the strapless gown, this style is ideal for showcasing some bling or an elaborate hairdo.



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The V neck is an extremely versatile neckline in bridal gowns because it can be adapted and fashioned in some many different ways.

If you’re broad-shouldered and/or have a short neck or want to flaunt a chiseled collarbone, this is the perfect option!

This neckline also creates the illusion of a longer, slimmer neck and silhouette. So, would you go for the daring plunge?


Now that you are aware of these popular necklines, which of these wedding gown necklines would work for your body type?

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Stay tuned as we share more bridal tips and inspirations!

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