Who says you need to toss tradition out of the window to look unconventional and chic on your wedding day?

Our favourite trends this year will show you how to have the best of both worlds –  perfect for the modern, fashion-forward bride who still wants a stamp of approval from traditional relatives on her special day!



All the magical illusions and styles you can create by playing with the transparency of sheer fabric – it is no wonder designers love sheer. Romantic and chic, sheer sleeves and bodices with hints of detail were massive on the runways this year.

This trend elegantly strikes the balance between tradition and modern – the extra material provides the illusion of full-coverage, but it doesn’t mean conservative. Transparent sleeves provocatively reveal skin, while accents like lace, intricate beading and floral embroidery add romantic details.

Not only do these dresses photograph like an ethereal dream, but there’s such a range between styles – a sweet floral illusion neckline or a sexy see-through lace corset? Whether you want to look chaste or alluring on your wedding day, or both, you can have your pick!



The classic off-the-shoulder look isn’t new, but has made a massive resurgence in bridal fashion this year. We know why this look is so loved: it is romantic and ladylike, yet effortlessly sexy.

When it comes to sexy, we don’t seem to pay much attention to the power of the shoulders – but in fact, a little mystery goes a long way. Shoulder-baring sleeves bring out one of the most sultry parts of the female body that both traditionalists and the edgy alike will be comfortable to flaunt: the shapely curve of the neck to the shoulders.

Whether you have strong, broad shoulders or soft, sloping ones – satin, luxe or lacy sleeves hanging off your bare shoulders will make you look subtly alluring without seeming like you’re baring much at all. Both traditional, elderly relatives and fashion-forward friends will approve.



This sweet little detail managed to grabbed our attention on the runways, working well with a range of styles and placements — be it giving a structured, stylish twist to a basic gown or adding a surprise wow-factor from behind.

We love the simple bow for its versatile character – it makes us think of vintage parties, youthful fun, and handsome elegance. Whichever suits your fancy, you can do no wrong adding a sweet bow to a classic silhouette.



Move over, Superman. Brides are superheroes, too.

We can’t get enough of the bridal capes trend and we are excited that designers are obsessed with it, too. Designers continue playing with these veils and bringing more of them to the runways – and we know why.

The extra material is a deceptively simple touch that is secretly a super power, instantly amping up the glam factor in the most basic of gowns. The look is versatile, too – you can go for a romantic, sheer laced body veil for an angelic vibe or a structured cape for a stronger, dramatic effect.



Cropped tops and two-piece wedding gowns are all the rage this year. Why do we love this trend? It implies effortless, casual and bold, yet somehow still manages to strike a look that’s classy and romantic.

The peek of bare mid-riff skin on an otherwise classic ballgown silhouette tells of a charming, elegant yet cheeky and fun-loving bride.

A dainty twist where urban chic and tradition effortlessly meet – what’s there not to love?

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