Wedding Dress: 5 Popular Wedding Color Themes & Dresses

Looking to make your wedding stand out? Start with a unique colour palette. Draw inspiration from the big details like the wedding venue, time of the year, and then think about the mood that you are trying to set. Do you want playful and fun (cheery and vibrant hues)? Or lavish and intimate (jewel tones and luxe textures)? Having a colour theme also makes the wedding photos turn out better visually, with the harmony of the well-matched colours.

At this juncture, even if you may or may not have an idea of what colours you would like to have at your wedding to best reflect your own style, with our top picks of popular colour palettes for 2019 and 2020, beautifully compiled into wedding mood boards it will get you all excited!

Scroll down to the end and enjoy the wedding inspiration of top 5 colour palettes and how to match your wedding dress for the perfect combination!

Wedding Color Theme (Peach + Lemon + Teal)

wedding theme

This combination reminds us of spring indefinitely. Spring is by far the most romantic time of the year, and it’s great in Singapore cos it’s spring/summer weather all year round. Look no further than the blooming springtime florals, from pastel peach to teal blue for the sunny skies above, and a touch of lemon spring comes alive.

When it comes to pairing the wedding dress for Spring, there’s no shying away from all things floral. Here’s a fresh take on floral printed wedding dress softly gleaming through the layers of chiffon.

Singapore wedding dress


Wedding Color Theme (Platinum, Dusk blue + Blush)

wedding color theme

If you’ve gravitated toward a spring wedding, you might also be drawn towards pastels. Whether it is a vintage-themed wedding, or an elegant ballroom evening event, platinum, dusk blue and blush will fit right in. This romantic palette evokes an ethereal feel, thanks to the combination of blush and cool tone of dusk blue. Kept simple, this delicate palette is really romantic and ideal for a gorgeous wedding gala with a plethora of in-season flowers and airy décor.

Pale or dusty blue is super hot right now. These shades look very delicate, tender and cool, and they fit most appearance types. Like this low back lace and tulle flowy gown with intricate detailing, it is sure to charm anyone!

wedding dress Singapore


Wedding Color Theme (Green + Blush + Pink)

garden theme color palette

Feeling fresh? Teaberry pink is so sweet and stunning for a perky garden wedding. Paired with a soft touch of blush makes the pink really pop. Olive green, a soft minty celadon are added in for a truly harmonious palette that is easy on the eyes and has a cheerful air about it. This colour combo no doubt evokes the dream-like quality of fancy garden nuptials and intimate celebrations.

If you want to go all out with the theme, wear a dress with floral lace motifs or delicate 3D floral appliques. With all that gorgeous garden foliage, why not experiment with colour for your gown from petal pinks to soft lavender. A tea length will be perfect for late night dancing on the grass at your outdoor wedding!

garden theme pre wedding

pre-wedding photo shoot Singapore


Wedding Color Theme (Plum + Lavender + Grey)


purple wedding color palette

When you think of these two colours, you may think isn’t this just “purple”, but there’s more to it than just that. The lavender offers a light dusty quality and the plum offers a stronger mood. Combining the two makes it visually interesting because you aren’t stuck with just one shade. By adding a touch of grey, you get that little bit of spark that basic black and white can’t provide. Purple is also one of the most regal wedding colours for ceremonies and reception.

Grey groom suits are taking over the wedding world fast. It is chic and flattering. When paired with the plum coloured wedding dress, there is something elegant about this hue that brings in great energy and provides a cool, relaxed atmosphere.

Colored Wedding Dress


Wedding Color Theme (Champagne + Gold + Black)


The Great Gatsby Wedding Theme

Luxurious, and fashionable perfectly describe the essence of this colour palette. Alluring gold, elegant champagne and glamorous black intermix perfectly to elevate any midnight soirée. Think glitter, sequins, golden centrepieces – it’s a romantic palette that literally shines. Transform your venue into a Gatsby-esque space filled with live music and bubbly champagne. Your wedding guests are in for a stylish celebration with these exquisite colours at the helm.

Vintage inspired beading and crystals dance over the bodice of this two-piece wedding dress, making it one of our most fashion-forward wedding dresses. The intricate beading along the illusion top is elegant, sparkling and we love the mix of the playfulness of the keyhole back and contemporary agelessness the silhouette evokes. Groom, pair up with a sleek set of a black suit as both of you take the center stage of your wedding day.

The Great Gatsby wedding dress

Whether you like something neutral, elegant wedding or the bold party of the century, colours can help tell your story. Which is your favourite wedding colour combination? Our friendly team will be happy to help you come up with your very own of wedding colour palette, matching from our wide range of photoshoot themes to dressing you up in the wedding gowns and suits.

We hope you have enjoyed the colour combinations as much as we did in compiling this wedding inspiration! Because colours play a significant role in our lives, it should also resonate with your wedding planning. With a certain colour palette in mind, it helps you narrow down your choices during your gown fitting session, making it easy to find your desired wedding gown!

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