“As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen.” – Winnie the Pooh

Have you ever wondered what makes travelling so fun? Is it the thrill of going someplace new?  Is it the excitement of learning new things?  Or simply the wonder of seeing the same thing from a different point of view for the first time? This familiar feeling flutters inside you when you meet the love of your life and decide to embark on a journey of together, forever.

Many couples have journeyed with us throughout their wedding, but yet interestingly every couple’s story is still fresh, inspiring, unique and different.  Hence, we are happy to share with you the story of Vincent and Shanice.

We met Vincent and Shanice in January this year, the pair were a jovial bunch and their smiles were infectious. The Louvre Bridal was their first stop and they were filled with excitement when discussing their wedding ideas and plans with our experienced wedding advisor. Through the sharing session, we found out that they knew about us after watching the blockbuster drama The Dreammakers 2 on Channel 8. Learning more about their various preferences and knowing that their bubbly personalities were not one to be hidden, hence we suggested the “Around the World” theme from our collection of “Thematic Concepts Shoot” for their pre-wedding photoshoot themes!

Taking a look at the breezy blue and light-hearted vibe this theme brought out, how hassle free this wedding shoot could be with all the wedding photoshoot props inclusive, and to top it all off being avid fans of travelling, Vincent and Shanice had their heart set on this theme because it simply spoke out to them! Hence, the delightful couple decided to make the smart and savvy choice to engage our “Thematic Concepts Shoot” with us.


If you do not already know, every piece of the puzzle is equally important in having the wedding of your dreams, even down to choosing the locations for your pre-wedding photoshoot or photoshoot props if any and how it will look like in your wedding album. Depending on couple to couple, each will have their various preferences from indoor to outdoor, travel theme to fairytale theme to even Korean Concept shoots but when choosing a theme, it is always important to check with your wedding advisor if the location you are looking for is suitable to fit the theme you are choosing.

Thus, before Vincent and Shanice embarked onto their fantastic pre-wedding photoshoot of a lifetime, we made sure to sit down and discuss with them to learn better the entire feel of the album which they were looking for. Hearing what the couple had to say, our wedding advisor suggested venues which would blend and suit the vibes which Vincent and Shanice had in mind. Next came the wedding gowns and groom suits which our coordinators gave advises on which all look befitting yet outstanding to the location and added a ravishing spark to the couple. Wonder how it all came together? Read on!


The picturesque sky painted a perfect sunny afternoon backdrop for the wedding shoot, especially in sync with our travel theme styled shoot. With globes and leather trimmed luggages styled seamlessly with the khaki brown burlap mat and old school envelopes, it set the mood for Vincent and Shanice to hop on the pre-wedding photoshoot adventure!


Advised by our wedding stylists, Shanice adorned a plunging neckline dress with preppy layers to match her desired travel wedding photo shoot theme! By adding on a little hat accessory with fluffy feathers, it brought out the “girls just want to have fun” and “let your hair loose” vibes which they were looking for. To be as one with his beloved beauty, Vincent was smartly dressed with a white crisp shirt along with black and white suspenders, adding a little touch of playfulness. Instead of going for the usual grey or black pants, we recommended the turquoise/teal pants for Vincent to put on a more smart casual look – the look in finding the fine line between sleek or sloppy and he definitely pulled it off smart, don’t you think?




To be harmonious with the theme, the next wedding photoshoot venue also included a water body but this time it isn’t just about the lake but also the scenic view of the yachts in the backdrop! Featuring a mini maritime concept styled wedding shoot, this scene was the dream of all who love to cruise or love the idea of cruising!


Lastly, to mark off the end photoshoot, Vincent and Shanice headed to the beach to catch the glimpse of the shades of the sky cascading into bright warm orange. With Shanice adorning a shimmering dusty grey gown and Vincent a smart grey suit, they were definitely the highlight of the splendid scenic beach. Like lovebirds, the pair wandered into their own world, enjoying each other’s embrace and every last single moment of the photoshoot – a strong embrace into each other’s arms and a touch to signify each other’s love.


Despite being under the sweltering heat for an entire afternoon, the bubbly pair looked towards the positive side of this pre-wedding photoshoot as it was a once in a lifetime experience which would be filled with memories and laughter when they look back in the years to come.

Now that you’ve been through the journey with them, why not hear from the couple’s actual words?

Having met Vincent and Shanice was our destiny and we are glad that we played a part in their amazing wedding journey and step by step helping them achieve the wedding they desire. As we are on route to planning for their actual day wedding now, we are very excited to see their wedding journey come one full circle, indeed time does actually fly!


Looking for themes for your wedding but have no idea what at the moment? Perhaps have the top 10 wedding photoshoot themes pinned on your Pinterest board or numerous cutouts of fancy props from magazines? Be it either one, we’ll be pleased to brainstorm with you on creative themes for your wedding with our props styling!

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