Introducing “The Korean Bride’s Journal”, an event which allows one to take a peek into the culture and tradition of a true Korean Bride. Imagine someone entrusting you secrets of their most precious day, would you be excited?


As Korean concepts and styles are prevailing right here in the heart of Singapore, we are providing you and your beloved the chance to create your personal Korean dream wedding! Be it their extremely scenic settings, unique makeup styles or elegant sense of dressing, there’s definitely something to love about the whole Korean experience!

During the event, marvel into the steps the Korean Bride takes in maintaining her pearly dewy skin to look her best on her wedding day. Travel with her as she guides and advises you on what can be done to infuse greater hints to recreate the original Korean sensation.

Discover and learn interesting tips and tricks during our intimate workshops, in preparation towards your most jubilant day. Also, allow us to answer your bundle of questions about the incredibly popular Korean Concepts. Furthermore, if you would like, we could customize the concepts to your preferences.


Sounds like it’s going to be a fulfilling day, doesn’t it? Hold your horses, we’ve got more!


The prelude to our 2nd Korean Designer Gown collection “Timeless Elegance (Episode 2) / ??? ??? ??? 2” will be featured during the event too!  Being the first and only bridal with Korean Designer collection in Singapore, we take pride in adorning you with only the best. Be prepared to be greeted by an array of mesmerizing weddings gowns featuring incredibly lush fabrics and fine lace, pieced together intricately right down to its finest detail for your wedding here.

In the hype of infusing the Korean essence, why not also learn about inculcating Korean concepts into your wedding themes too. With a variety of Classy, Fun, Dreamy, and even the ‘Dating Snaps’ themes to choose from, we can creatively fashion your photo shoot to jazz up the Korean style. With our certified Korean makeup artists & hairdo stylists help in dolling up, people may even mistake both you and your beloved to look like famous K-POP stars!


Supported by the Korea Tourism Organization, one should have no doubts about being immersed in the true rich essence and culture of Korea. If you’re already jumping off your seats like we are, hop on and ride with us to a Korean cultural fun-filled day and uncover the Korean Bride’s mystery together at this event!

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we hope to see you there!

} The Louvre Bridal team