Summer – the season which keeps pretty much everyone alive! It’s the perfect time to frolic in the sand at the beach or take a refreshing swim, to have some fun in the outdoors and also a season where flowers bloom and its sweet aromatic scent engulfs the Summer air.



This Summer, we let couples relieve the whimsical days of falling in love as they were taken on a summer adventure during the launch of our Special Edition Local Designer Bridal Couture, 2016 Bridal Collection on Sunday, 26th June 2016 at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s grand ballroom. Sprinkled with hues of lavender and violet across the ballroom, you are greeted with the perfect lush setting for you to envision your very own wedding night.

Preparing for the day ahead, we decorated our front booth with blooming fresh flowers hand-tied in bespoke jars, welcoming couples who came by with a splash of soft colours. Our zealous team backstage were also working together to doll up our gorgeous models to perfect the ultimate Summer whimsical bridal image for the runway show everyone was waiting for.


As the lights were slowly dimmed and couples filled up the seats, a merry melodic tune filled the air and our Summer Notes of Whimsy, prestige bridal couture runway began, showcasing our special edition of our Local Designer Gown Collection 2016!

Before we continue, we’ll like to give you a little more insight behind this Special Edition and its name – Summer Notes of Whimsy. Having studied fashion design in New York, our up-and-coming local designer on board was inspired by the idea of summer and the notion of it all.


She wanted to create dress designs which would highlight her interpretation of Summer and hence in this collection, you are bound to witness gowns with unique floral detailing, dress cuttings perfect for the summer and a paradisaical blend of soft pastels.

Have we piqued your curiosity? Read on!


With long veils and handmade fresh flower crowns adorned on the models they don on white ballgowns with unique detailing of floral embellishments and even shimmering skirts! Long-trained gowns with floral lace of various cuttings such as sweetheart and off-shoulder necklines were also displayed. The perfect wedding bridal look for every Summer bride-to-be especially during your pre-wedding photoshoot or actual day wedding!


A wash of pretty watercolours and soft pastels on intricately textured bridal gowns held the gazes of many brides-to-be. Featuring a spell-binding ombre gradient gown which is bound to fit the romantic, whimsical fairytale summer bridal look you want!

The highlight of the fashion show was when the models gracefully swirled and sashayed with the gowns, one could even mistake these “brides” to be lost in thought, dancing in their imaginary flower fields – what a soothing and romantic scene!


As we came to the end of the show, all models performed a flawless interchanging walk formation to mark the finale of our Prestige Bridal Show Runway.

Watch the full fashion show here!


The Louvre Bridal will like to extend their gratitude to everyone who has made this show a great success! Firstly, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel for their invitation and always recommending us to newly weds-to-be.

Great thanks to Flowers and Jars  as well for for making the beautiful fresh flower crowns personalized to our “Summer Notes of Whimsy” theme which complemented our gowns effortlessly. Furthermore, the beautiful sweet mix of blooming coral and peach flowers in mason jars which added a whimsical soft touch to our booth.

We would also like to thank Ice and Shanice our talented makeup artists for unleashing the perfect summer bridal makeup look with the right touch of rosy glow cheeks blended with sweet pink eyeshadow, finishing off with soft loose waves.

Huge thanks to our photographer Lawrence too for taking such lovely shots for you readers to get a great glimpse of what went on during the wedding show runway, constantly being agile and having conscious efforts to take photos of our bridal gowns and the gorgeous models. Our videographer, Coffee for covering the fashion show runway with different angles and coming up with the video highlights infused with a whimsical touch.



To our existing Louvre Brides and Grooms who have recognized our every effort in constantly coming up with new designs and happily giving support to our new designer by specially making a trip down to our new bridal collection launch, we can’t thank you enough either. Last but not least, everyone from The Louvre Bridal team. The show was splendid because of everyone’s united contribution!

If you have missed our fashion show and would like to see these stunning Summer pieces, we welcome you to drop by our featured and luxurious boutique as we also provide free body shape consultation like we did at the fashion show to help you attain that perfect Summer Bridal Look which suits you!

Email to and share your dream summer wedding with us!

P.S Look out as we have more gown collections to be launched 😉

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}The Louvre Bridal Team