Well even though we are are huge fans of Mr Brown and Ms Cony’s love story,
without the official news from LINE we can’t confirm if they are going to be officially wedded!

However, they have helped many of our Louvre Couples in their pre-wedding photoshoot!

If you didn’t already know, LINE, a messaging app made by South Korean’s that took off in Japan has two lovingly adored characters Mr Brown, the pokerface bear and Ms Cony, the bunny who is really cheerful (but can be a little terrifying sometimes).  What’s interesting about these two characters is that they were originated from ‘stickers’ before coming alive as mascots!

No, we’re not talking about the stickers you were rewarded with during your childhood days when you got an ‘A’ on your exam paper or scored really high marks. We’re talking about the ‘stickers’ which have digitalized in our smartphone apps today!

Truly amazing isn’t it? It’s like every adult’s childhood dream coming true.

To top it all off, you can now also include the beloved plushy friends on board with you for your pre-wedding photoshoot!


Personalizing every Louvre Bride and Groom’s wedding shoot, we want to bring you something close to your hearts and an experience you will treasure for a lifetime. Believing and understanding that each couple is unique, we listen as you share your dreams with us while we create the ideal wedding photoshoot you wish to have.


Whether you’re looking to introduce your cuddly plushies to join our “Thematic Concepts” Shoot or just want them to be part of this photoshoot journey, what’s stopping you? If you want to have a picnic styled shoot setup or simply enjoy the moment as you gaze into your partner’s eyes just like Zheng Xiong and Shu Xian, the possibilities are as boundless as your ideas may be.



Take a lovely afternoon stroll with your adorable companions as you capture the moments you want to keep forever. Be it capturing a little peek of their amusing expressions, or them being the replica of you and your beau, you can be inspired by what Jih Ley and Lay Yoong did for their unique pre-wedding shoot! Surely their very own Brown and Cony were happy to have some share in the limelight too 😉


With various types of Brown and Cony “Bride and Groom” plush toys to choose from, why not bring along one that represents your style like Chu Teck and Jun Ting? With a pretty pink ribbon on Cony, it represents Jun Ting’s feminine and soft nature while the dapper suit don on by Brown shows a charming, sophisticated side of Chu Teck, how interesting!

If it were up to you, how would you want to relive your childhood ‘sticker’ memory days?

If you have your very own version of Brown and Cony, we’ll be happy to be acquainted with them! Include them in your love story and you’ll get to have wedding photos like none other. Already have that trusty ol’ friend you have in mind?


If you’re already nodding your head to all that we’ve said above, come share with us your ideas and let us embark together onto a fantastic photoshoot together with your favourite plush Tsum Tsum, Hello Kitty, Doraemon, My Little Pony, Adventure Time, Mario or even Minions! If not, no worries! We will be pleased to share and innovate new ideas together with you as we personalize your wedding photoshoot to your very own love sequel.

Take the step for your childhood dream to come true,
drop us an email at or simply dial 6337 7808.

Let’s make more memories together!

} The Louvre Bridal Team