First-hand insights of wedding gown fitting and pre-wedding photos of Si Tong, our local artiste at our featured bridal boutique!

We were greeted with bright smiles and a bubbly personality from the weds-to-be, the very first time we met Singapore based singer-songwriter, celebrity Lin Si Tong and her fiancé, Tai An.


When we were first approached by the couple, it left us in high spirits as it was an honour having Si Tong, the talented local artiste behind the brains of Haha Music & Entertainment Pte Ltd, the voice behind numerous theme-songs of local Mediacorp drama series and currently a songwriter under Warner Chappell/Music Taiwan Ltd to have chosen us as her preferred bridal. Furthermore, having appeared on various television programs, radio interviews and even TV roadshows we couldn’t believe our eyes when the Stars walked through our front door and into the boutique, it was definitely a defining moment for us.


As with every couple, we try to understand and learn more about their unique wedding needs and preferences in order for them to have the best experience for their once in a lifetime celebration. Through the conversation, we learnt that they were looking for wedding gowns to match various themes and venues that they already had in mind. Hence, we suggested and showed them the top wedding gown designs and wedding photos of past couples, allowing them to better visualize how the designer gowns on our racks looked in photos.

The couple had some concerns in mind beforehand but through the discussion, they were relieved of their burning questions and felt assured that they could entrust us in looking their best for both their pre-wedding and actual day wedding.


After months of various follow up and discussions, the star-studded couple popped by for their 1st wedding gown fitting session to choose the wedding outfits for their pre-wedding photoshoot. Being it their first encounter with the fitting session, we began with a short discussion to guide them on how to go about with choosing the right wedding gown as well as discussed the finalized itinerary. Analyzing Si Tong’s body shape, we shared with her which bridal gowns are more suitable, the various styles and also which coloured gowns would look great on her and thereafter, the fitting session began!


The local celebrity wanted something simple but yet timelessly fashionable, which was indeed in line with our philosophy to create exquisitely elegant dress designs with simplicity at its finest. Hence we showed her elegant gown designs which were not too elaborate and suited her sense of style.


Usually, grooms will always be a gentleman and let the brides have the first say in picking out the wedding outfits and hence Tai An was no different and encouraged his lovely bride-to-be to select her bridal gowns first. Si Tong started off with the white gowns first, donning on an off-shoulder piece with a beautiful lace train followed by a sweetheart gown with a mesh insert, accompanied by layers and layers of ruffles to give a dramatic and elegant feel for the pre-wedding photoshoot.


After trying on various dress designs Si Tong finally set her eyes on two white wedding gowns. One was the piece with an off the shoulder neckline, filled with delicate lace patch work perfect for the modern sweet bride! The other was a glamourous high collared gown with a sheer neckline, with beadings perfectly accentuating her curves, perfect for an extravagant pre-wedding indoor photoshoot.


Alas, after seeing his beautiful bride-to-be twirl in many white gowns, it was Tai An’s turn to do his fitting. With a wide array of satin, matte and unique designs and patterns of men’s suits, he picked a few to match his beloved wife’s gowns. The bow ties were also of various colours and designs to help bring out the charm of the suit. Fitted with a charming black suit, he looked dapper while fixing his bow tie which was definitely a sneak preview for Si Tong of her handsome groom before her wedding day!


Thereafter, it was time to choose the colored gowns! Featuring a spectrum of colours, brides are often spoilt for choice and have a hard time choosing the perfect wedding dress for their pre-wedding photoshoot. But you have nothing to worry about! As your coordinator in charge is aware of your photoshoot locations and your preferences, she can easily pick out the wedding gowns which would suit you and your wedding theme, that’s one less worry down! After trying on a few gowns, Si Tong donned on a peach wedding gown with accents of jewels, looking all feminine and graceful, she let out a sweet radiant smile and gave the nod that this gown was going to be the one.

Are you getting excited to have the first-hand view of some of the pre-wedding photos and how the wedding gown effects turn out to be?









Credit pre-wedding pictures from David Goh Photography and makeup by Joyce Ong.

It was truly a fun and enjoyable session with the star couple and as we countdown to the actual wedding day, we hope she gets plenty of rest in preparation for her big day and we’ll like to wish them abundant blessings on the start of their journey together! Stay tuned as we share more with you!

Si Tong

Being nominated as the Top 5 Bridals in Singapore and the celebrity’s choice, we understand each couple’s wedding and tastes are unique, which is why we always believe in understanding and learning more about you before we even begin to give you advice. Share with us your preferences for your wedding journey and have a huge weight lifted from your shoulders as we guide you on the breakdown of how to make your wedding planning a smooth and enjoyable experience.

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