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As our tagline goes, “Check-in at your Destination Wedding”, our mission is to realize every couple’s dream wedding photo shoot at your ideal dream destination. With the spread of the Hallyu wave, many of us are more familiar with Korea and due to its geographic location being near to Singapore, it makes it more convenient for couples to travel for their overseas pre-wedding photoshoot.


Having the foresight of Korean wedding photos being a top hit amongst Singaporean couples, hence we became the first bridal boutique to introduce Korea Pre-wedding into Singapore with a wide variety of Korean Concepts. Being the appointed partner of Korea Tourism Organization (KNTO), we took the initiative approach to continuously organize useful Korean bridal makeup workshops, events, Korean styled wedding photography talks to constantly provide and promote the sharing of Korea’s interesting culture to you.

korea pre-wedding photo

With the beautiful blooming cherry blossoms in Spring, the crispy golden autumn leaves during Autumn and not forgetting the numerous varieties of concepts the Korea studios have to offer, one would definitely be sold to head to Korea for your Korean Outdoor Photography.

However once you start doing your thorough research, you might end up thinking twice on whether this ‘ideal’ venue is really ideal after all.

With research and feedbacks gathered, we have notice that there are multiple concerns that couples have even before going to do their pre-wedding shoot in Korea.

Heading to a foreign country for the first time may be daunting and for some, going overseas to take their pre-wedding photo shoot might add on to the fear factor. Some would say it’s because of the high wedding expenditure and a limiting budget, which makes them decide to give up on their dream. While some others might be taken aback on the price discrepancy amongst agents and start to get doubtful of the reliability and the quality of their products and services.  Hearing about unfortunate fraud cases, might lose the confidence and deter them from taking that one step closer to realizing their dream Korean styled wedding photography.

If you are on the right track with us, you will be interested in us giving you $0 agent fees, lowest b2b rates with no sales commission!

Understanding the concerns and doubts couples have, we are dedicated to helping couples with all our hearts and soul by planning the most cost effective way in helping you realize your dream wedding. How do you feel about the pictures of our Louvre brides and grooms below?

korea pre-wedding photo

korea prewedding photo

korea photoshoot

With our experiences in being the pioneers of bringing Korean Concept Pre wedding into Singapore, we want to assure you with the valuable information we have at our fingertips and share with you on how to select a reliable Korea photoshoot studio with the best quality and service.

Hence, we have decided to take a step further to enhance your Korea Pre-wedding experience with our “Promote Korea” Pre-wedding Campaign.

What ?

The “Promote Korea” Pre-wedding Campaign aims to bring you all the best under one roof.


We took the time and effort to alliance with the variety of Korea wedding studios to provide the best solution for you by extending the most attractive business to business (B2B) rates directly to you, the consumer.  In other words, you will get the lowest and most attractive prices with no doubts!


korea pre-wedding photos

You will also get the opportunity to pick from an exclusive selection of the top photo studios in Korea. Remember, there will be NO agent fees, NO sales commission and every coordination stage is declared clearly for you to have a better understanding, before going Korea to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

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When we talk about who can provide the most reliable and professional advice for wedding advices, it should be an established local firm well recognized in the industry by prestige hotels and Korea Tourism Organization. Hence, we are the right person for you if you’re seeking a reliable and worry-free experience. You will be entrusted in the care of top quality studios and enjoy highest cost savings to achieve your ultimate dream.

thelouvrebridal the louvre bridal

korea prewedding

the louvre bridal review

With our vast amount of experience, countless testimonials from our graduated brides, we are equipped with the knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of every Korean indoor and outdoor photo studio. We believe that transparency between us and our couples is very important, hence our goal is to iron out any fears on hidden costs and offer you a sense of assurance by giving honest reviews.  These experiences that we share is something that is certainly priceless which you will definitely benefit from!

korean indoor studio photolouvre bridal review



By sharing with you the pros and cons of the various Korea photoshoot studios according to feedbacks from previous Louvre couples, new brides can have a more holistic look and judgment when picking their desired studios. Also from these testimonials, you will understand that the Korea indoor and outdoor photo shoot studios selection which we have prepared for you, are the top recommended studios in Korea.

So this campaign not only  brings you the lowest B2B rates which we declare the price to be as low as SGD $1,500 only (depending on studio selection). We charges you NO Agent Fees, and you will receive FREE assistance in photoshoot studio recommendations, without you paying a single cent!

Isn’t this wonderful?


the louvre bridal gown

To enhance your ultimate Korea experience, we bring to you our forte in Korean Concept Bridal in Singapore with our prestige and exclusive Korean Designer gowns and suits. In addition, we have the popular Korean Makeup looks for you too, to complete and achieve the perfect Korean Style for your actual day wedding too.

Moreover, what’s makes it terrific is that it can all be found here under one roof, making it a one-stop, hassle-free wedding for you.

korea autumn pre-wedding

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