Are you getting excited as we introduce the newest pre-wedding photoshoot themes?

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You’ve been flipping through magazines, photos and even reading up on blogs to plan an ideal pre-wedding photoshoot, why go through the hassle when we can plan one for you?

If you have you been keeping up with our Thematic Concepts Shoot, it is essentially a fun, fuss-free styled photoshoot with interactive props and creative styling set up for you! Also with our bridal gowns and essential bridal services, you can create your desired impeccable look and setting for the ideal pre-wedding photoshoot and the best part is that you can find all of these under one roof with us!


Being the bridal trendsetter, we’re pleased to inform that we have TWO NEW THEMES newly installed for you! This time, we had the privilege of the charming and beautiful social media influencers and blogger James Aw and Maybeline Sim joining us for the shoot, aren’t you excited to see how amazing they look in the shoot? Because it’s certainly worth seeing!

First up, we would like to introduce “Glamorous Glamping” – outdoor camping but with twice the romance! If you’re falling in love with fall & autumn, and though we may not have four seasons in Singapore, do you know that you can have the next best thing? That’s right! Let us unveil to you the wonderful world you will be exposed to with our new theme.


Carefully planned right down to the minor details, in the midst of Coney Island, Wulala will provide the props and styling to create for you that cosy romantic outdoor wedding scene you’ve been pinning on your Pinterest board! You get to have fun with their boho tepee in the background to bring our your inner hippie self (bonus!). With other props like oil lamps, comfy cushions, carpets and mini food props, you’ll actually believe that you are on a glamping trip with your loved one!


By donning a long train gown, you’ll ultimately perfect the look of an elegant, chic bride! But by choosing a sheer back with a mermaid silhouette like the pretty piece above from our latest La Gamma 2017 Bridal Gown Collection, you’ll definitely be able to show off those assets you’ve been working so hard for! Your beau can match your sweet, elegant look with a navy blue checked suit and a slightly maroon bow tie. This outfit will be able to match your setting or flowers even!


With the beautiful handcrafted flower crown by Cherriesmitten, and beautifully bounded hand bouquet of deep red roses with a hint of white floral, it completely brings out the essence of glamour and chic. Also, the intricate fine florals amongst the props definitely adds a touch of magic to the whole setting!


If you’re looking to go towards something dark, we suggest a navy blue gown like this piece on Maybeline! With a simple sweet silhouette, the lace and details on this gown exudes a mix of femininity and fun. To complement Maybeline’s look, we styled James with a scarlet red suit with indigo lapels and navy blue cropped pants, topping off with a polka dotted bow tie!


With a simple and elegant makeup look, a hint of deeper pink lips and lovely updo hairstyle, Maybeline clearly embodied a classy chic bride look all thanks to Cynderella, the renowned makeup and hair artist in Singapore!

Can you imagine being in their place right now? Their blissful smiles beautifully captured by award-winning photographer Coffee Tang and Director of Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee, left us so envious!



Who’s ready for some fun in the sun? Because the next set we’ll like to share with you is the “Tropical Paradise” theme! It’s time to mix some of those pink lemonades, put on those sunglasses and head to the beach with us for your pre-wedding photoshoot!


Once again, styled by the talented Wulala the setting is filled with 100% fun! Decorated with neon pink props like flamingos, pots and even a ukulele the whole scene is instantly lit up. With a beach chair for you to mimic being on a Hawaii getaway, you’ll soon believe you’re in paradise. Styled with palm spring leaves and many more interesting props, it’s indeed just like a replica of the Bahamas!


Since the setting is towards a light-hearted ambience, Cynderella changed Maybeline’s hairdo to something more flirty and fun with loose braids extensions and a side swept fringe while keeping her sweet makeup look. No to mention, that the flower in her hair certainly adds as a cherry on top!

This lilac dress will definitely adds a softer hue to the entire look. With a sweetheart neckline and just the right amount of lace, this piece adds versatility to a sweet and yet a more casual look, bringing out the idea of fun in this setting!


If you’re looking to match a white gown with this setting, why not this dress from our latest bridal gown collection as well? With pastel hues of embroidered flowers on this white gown, it’s adds a very sweet subtle hint of colour which definitely made it one of our favourite pieces on the stunning Maybeline!


With the beach and lovely blue waves in sight, your groom can pull off a casual bright blue blazer like James! With the perfect balance of charming and casual, this look will certainly compliment your white gown well during your pre-wedding photoshoot.

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Since this setting is all about letting yourself let loose, why not go ahead with a casual shoot too with your very own clothes, that’ll make you feel even more at home? You can even go more intimate with your poses with a little cuddle or a whisper in his ear. Whichever you are comfortable with, photographer Coffee Tang will be sure to capture your best angle and sweetest moments! After all, it’s all about having fun and how you’ll like to make the best out of your once in a lifetime pre-wedding photoshoot!


Have you enjoyed the photos of the photogenic couple? We absolutely did and we couldn’t have done it without the contribution and efforts of all who have helped to realise the themes for The Louvre Bridal’s “Thematic Concepts”  pre-wedding photoshoot. Hence, we would like to credit the following contributing vendors for providing with their expertise and fulfilling these trend-setting themes!

Main Organiser:  Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee

Photographer:  Coffee Tang from Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee

Art Direction: Fion Tay from The Louvre Bridal

Gowns & Suits: The Louvre Bridal

Makeup Artist:  Cynderella

Props & Styling: Wulala

Florist: Cherriesmitten

Starring:  Blogger James Aw & Maybeline Sim


Are these themes rearing you to hit the outdoors to enjoy our newly launched Thematic Concepts shoot already?

If you’ll like to head for a beach getaway, a romantic glamping trip or even choose one of our existing themes then drop by our boutique to see more portfolios to see which best fits your fancy!

Share with us your favourite themes or your very own love story and we will see how we can personalise your wedding shoot to make it uniquely yours! Let us know when you buzz us at 6337 7808 or email to, and you’ll be on your way to a pre-wedding photoshoot of a lifetime 🙂

}The Louvre Bridal Team