With the beginning of the New Year, everyone will be interested to know the trends that lie ahead this year. The spectrum lies from beauty tips and styling tips to even viral hashtags or vines, no matter what, everyone is anticipating for something new.

For brides putting the ring on your finger soon, you must be having a curious mind on the new bridal trends to look out for!


Recently, we were being featured on The New Paper on Saturday, 23rd January 2016 about the latest new bridal trends and looks. Following on from the article, we’d like to to give you more insights on the trends you can be expecting and what you can especially take note of this Lunar New Year!


Makeup can create miraculous transformation on every woman, turning every bride into a beautiful swan on her wedding day, especially with Korean Bridal makeup. Well known for the special techniques in contouring and highlighting to enhance facial features, it makes every bride feel youthful as they outshine with a glowing and vibrant look.

As we welcome the beautiful swans in this new year, drawing feminine cat eyes with a subtle tick at the end of the line will have heads turning as you put on the latest makeup trends. Say goodbye to the ‘straight brows’ look and be greeted by ‘rounder shaped brows’ which adds a little arch to your natural brow shape, to make you look more feminine and delicate.

Brides will be in good hands to become beautiful swans with our forte in Korean Makeup and Styling.


Bak Kwa is arguably the most sinful indulgence on Lunar New Year and if any bride could, she would definitely want to eat it without feeling guilty and still look amazing on her wedding day.

This is where you can heave a sigh of relief because a good dress is defined not only by its fine materials, but also the meticulous thoughts that goes behind designing the perfect cut that shapes the bride’s silhouette to create an hourglass illusion. All of these are the distinctive features of a Korean Designer Dress.

Being The First and Only Bridal to house Korean Designer Dress Collections, every Louvre bride can relax while still munching on her favourite Bak Kwa.


If “?” means new in Mandarin and “??” means bride, can you find the relationship between these two terms? This question seems like a riddle, but the answer is actually simpler than you think. As we all know, Chinese language is very profound and meaningful. Since “?” represents new, it means that the“??” is on the path of a new beginning and embracing all things new.

We want every bride to realize the epitome of “new” on their wedding day, so keep a look out of our 3D floral appliqués gowns and ‘crop tops with ball skirts’ gowns all part of the 2016 trends. Every lady should be worthy of adorning new haute couture gowns that we showcase during our seasonal prestige bridal couture runways when becoming a “??”.


Everybody knows “10 Boyfriends ? 1 True Love”, this equation means that the number of boyfriends you have does not mean that he will become your ultimate one true love. Putting into context in finding “The One” wedding gown, quality triumphs quantity.

?????is always our philosophy – to create elegantly exquisite wedding dress designs with simplicity at its finest, perfectly crafted for the modern bride! Thus, instead of overwhelming you with massive outdated collections, we shortlist only the newest and impeccable designs that are runway worthy to be on the racks. These are all specially for smart brides who know what’s best for them.


As you venture into a new chapter of life with your beloved, it usually comes with a hefty sum so here’s what you can do to save up on your last bundle of red packets!

When you take into consideration the new house, honeymoon trip and all that preparation costs for the wedding, you might actually burst your budget when engaging multiple vendors to create the ideal magazine wedding setting.

Instead of compromising on the wedding essentials, we help enhance couples’ pre-wedding photo shoot according to their pinned images with our Thematic Concepts Shoot. With an extensive range of handmade props to grand setups and props styling within the venue all taken care of, simply choose from various and different interesting themes and concepts for you  to relish in.

What’s more we also personalize their wedding photo shoot with your favourite movie or game themes like Star Wars and Maple Story etc.

At the most affordable rates of our services under one roof, this will be a great way for you wedding couples to save up on your last bundle of red packets!

If you’re a 1990’s bride, now you know what to take note of for the newest bridal trends of your generation! As you usher in the New Year and your path of a new life and beginning, you will be the smart bride who’s ready with these tips and tricks to outshine on your wedding day!

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}The Louvre Bridal team