Have you dreamt of having an overseas pre-wedding photoshoot at least once ever since your engagement?

Often, it seems that the first thought that comes to brides minds would be to have their pre-wedding photoshoot in their own country. But having an overseas wedding photoshoot can be a significant way to capture your very own journey together. Be it if you have first crossed paths overseas, love travelling or would like a change in scenery as compared to other wedding albums then an overseas wedding shoot would be a great choice!

If you agree that you’ll have more options for scenic spots overseas and it’ll make a great holiday trip too, you know you’re already halfway to planning that overseas itinerary. Your next dilemma is then which country is the best? Every country has its own wonders to offer but you will find your solution here as we share with you our compiled version of the most popular destinations for overseas pre-wedding photoshoots!


Bali, Indonesia.

If you’re looking for an exotic pre-wedding photoshoot, Bali is the place to go!

Situated in the exotic reaches of the Indonesian Achipelago, Bali is home to captivating natural landscapes, scenic beaches and exotic historical temples, all packed onto an island bursting with intriguing culture and mystical charm.


Be it whether you’ll want to take shots at the famed Taman Ujung Karangasem Old Water Palace of dormant volcanoes, hold hands through the nature reserves with your one and only or capture moments on the resort  along with the white sandy beaches, the choice is yours.

If both of your are nature lovers, you will not be disappointed! Furthermore, if you’re on a tight budget, Bali is one of your most affordable short getaway option!



You may be shocked that this country is on this list, but let us enlighten you on why.

Amidst the tropical island, lies the hidden gem of one the World’s 7 Wonders of the world – Ha Long Bay boasting beautiful beaches, caverns and other beauties. If you’re looking to capture your love amidst highlands you can head to places such as Moc Chau, Sapa, Son La etc.


Depending on how lucky you are, you can find many lovely flower fields. Besides its majestic landscape scenery, it’s fresh and and relaxing atmosphere can calm your nerves throughout this wedding planning preparations!

In the land of smiles, everywhere you go you will be welcomed by happy faces and kind help from the locals, whether you know Vietnamese or not. If you’re looking for an eye-opening travel and unique photoshoots, Vietanam would be a great location for your pre-wedding photoshoot venue.


Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido, Japan famed for its flawless nature has something to share in every season.

If you and your beloved love snow, head to Hokkaido during the winter period in February! With Sapporo Snow Festival, you will be able to see amazing ice and snow sculptures along Odori Park at Sapporo! Make picture perfect shots here too!

Though Hokkaido is renowned for its wet and cold winters, the beauty of Hokkaido also comes alive in Spring (March – May). Visit Flower Land Kamifurano as you bask in the spectacular view of the Tokachi mountain range surrounded by romantic flower fields! Dress up in kimonos to look like locals or even visit the magical Otaru River which is a fantastic location for your overseas pre-wedding photoshoot.

In Hokkaido, various kinds of flowers grow and bloom from spring to fall and you will be fascinated with the purple carpet of lavenders on the vast land of Hokkaido. If you’re a flower lover or perhaps even want to know which flowers bloom during which seasons, you know Hokkaido has captured your heart.



Korea is indubitably one of the most famous destination in Asia for pre-wedding photoshoots, Korea possesses one of the most romantic sceneries and natural landscapes for your overseas shoot.

Also having something to offer every season, here we have two seasons which are the popular favorite amongst brides-to-be!

Spring falls within late March till May as warmer weather slowly returns after the cold winds of winter, where a wide variety of events are also held across the country to celebrate Spring’s arrival! In this season, the whole city is perfumed with the delicate fragrance and covered with cherry blossom pinks and whites, the perfect scene to capture into your overseas pre-wedding photos.


Autumn falls between late September till early November and  is also the time of the year that brings a dramatic change in the colour of the city as fiery reds, oranges and golds start to paint the landscape. This is indeed one of the best season to visit Korea for your Overseas Pre-wedding Photoshoot.

Don’t forget to visit tourist attractions like Namsan Tower, Bukchon Hanok Village, Everland and even Jeju Island for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

If you’re looking for a sweet romantic escape, Korea is the country for you.



There are beautiful locations all over Australia, all the time be it Melbourne, Perth or Sydney.

Vineyards such as The Yarra Valley are one of the unique locations Melbourne is famous for. Imagine after an eventful photoshoot during the day, you can enjoy the tranquil surrounding with your fiancé while having a glass of delectable wine in your hand. Sounds great doesn’t it?

Or perhaps the Matilda Bay boat house also known as the “little blue house” is one of the most popular setting for wedding photos. It gradually became an icon for Perth’s scenery due to the high demand of wedding couples requesting to have their wedding photoshoot there.

If you’re one who would love to soak in the night light as you gaze into the eyes of your soulmate, there are definitely more interesting locations to share with you amidst the calming Australia night sky.


One of the key things to take note when going for an overseas pre-wedding photoshoot is that you will definitely need an experienced photographer to go along with you. With the experiences gained over the years, your photographer will be able to know the best spots in town, make you feel comfortable in a foreign country and provide you with valuable tips for the picture-perfect shots.  So, since you will be spending quite a hefty sum on your overseas pre-wedding photoshoot, why not look out for one that is reputable to keep you assured?

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We look forward to be part of your wedding journey in bringing back tons of sweet memories from your overseas pre-wedding photoshoot!

}The Louvre Bridal Team