The first time you meet her is at a gathering of mutual friends. Your first conversation flows like a broken tape, and in between awkward silences, you think to yourself, there’s no way you two are going to click.

The second time you meet, you are walking down the streets of Singapore’s Robertson Quay when you see a familiar face and a hand waving in your direction. “Hey, what a coincidence! You work around here too?”

You stare at her inquiring eyes and the way her smile looks under the evening sky. There is a moment of silence before you break from your daze. “Oh, hi! We met the other day, didn’t we?” You immediately feel stupid for saying something so obvious.

Her laughter steals a beat of your heart, and you think to yourself –

People don’t fall in love, just like that. But you do.



You are bantering with him about something mundane, like lunch. Nothing sweet or romantic about the conversation.

But there’s the clasp of his fingers over your wrist, the gentle press of your hand against his back, the closeness of your faces when you speak. You kiss his shoulder when you think no one’s watching, in between bantering about where to eat after this.

You look at the familiar mischievous glint in his eyes as he shoots down all your lunch suggestions.

It almost scares you to realise how hard it is to remember life before him.



You ruffle her hair right before the wedding photoshoot, just to annoy her. She shoves your hand away and yells, “Don’t mess up the hair!” But you see the amused fondness in her eyes, and you continue ruffling her hair anyway — just to leave your fingers within those brown locks that shine under the light like honey gold.

Your fingers slip from the strands of her hair and onto her cheekbone, brushing gently over an eyebrow before your hand rests against the side of her cheek.

It surprises you sometimes, how familiar you are with her face. The curve of her lips, the way her cheeks blush when she is excited or happy, the way she looks just before she laughs. The lines of her eyes in a smile and in tears.



You make a face as you look at his crumpled blouse. “You’re hardly ready for our pre-wedding photoshoot,” you frown as you proceed to straighten his collar and brush your fingers through his hair.

He smiles at you, as if he didn’t hear a word you said. He leans his head into yours and whispers, “you’re beautiful.”

It’s kind of amazing, even after all these years, how he still manages to send butterflies flittering wildly in your tummy.

In between fatigue, silly banters and snatches of gentle, shy smiles, you think to yourself —

People don’t fall in love all over again, just like that. But you do.



“Hi there, readers. You didn’t notice me in the background, did you?

You were too caught up in the moment to notice me snapping away, capturing the little things that are all too easily forgotten.

I don’t just take snapshots in time or beautifully-posed scenes of your wedding journey. I know that it is in the tiny details that priceless moments are made.

I make it a point to feel, observe and capture the tiny moments which can so easily slip away, the little things which give us authentic glimpses into your very own actual wedding story.

And little things are not little at all when we are watching your heart unfold.

It takes love to know when something little is actually big, you know?”

As you flip through the pages of your heart, will you then realize that your heart has been caught in time.

Looking for inspiring pre-wedding photography styles and concepts? We hope you have enjoyed this unique perspective in capturing raw emotions into your pre-wedding photos.

} The Louvre Bridal Team