Lifestyle Wedding Photography Style – The Unconventional Wedding Photography Approach

Have you gone through pages and pages of bridal photos and feel that none resonates with you and your significant other?

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If looking at pages and pages of existing bridal photos doesn’t seem just right for you, what about doing a wedding photography shoot unique to your relationship?
Featuring Janan and Jace, a creative, sporty, fun-loving Louvre pair who’s here to teach you a photoshoot hack – which is by choosing the lifestyle wedding photography
approach you can just be yourself!




















When Janan and Jace shared with us their interests and how they would like to do away with the conventional bridal shoot where huge emphasis is on lush sceneries, and instead focus on the moments of their own unique journey, we were more than delighted to listen because we knew that the lifestyle photography approach was perfect for them!

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Lifestyle photography is essentially a photography style which intends to capture people in situations, simulating a candid-like moment and a part of everyday life. This photography style is most recommended for the new generation weds-to-be who want a very candid approach and are camera shy.

Since your wedding photoshoot is indeed a milestone in your wedding journey, sharing your love story with your family and friends in photos is definitely a good way for them to experience your blissful moments too. Also, if you’ve yet to notice, Janan and Jace also use cue cards to present their relationship milestones in a form of a wedding photo story, what a creative wedding shoot idea!


Sometimes being in the presence of your lover is all it needs for you to look and feel comfortable. As Janan and Jace decided to go for a casual photoshoot, for the first look they went ahead with a relaxed sporty look, simply because it just shouts them!

For lifestyle photography photos, the beauty in it is that the approach is casual and no matter whether you opt for gowns or casual wear, it focuses more of the moments instead of fixed or rigid photo shoot poses. This photography technique is similar to a photojournalistic style but with a personalized story attached to it.



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With this visual story-telling through pre-wedding pictures, it is a new style which makes pictures speak the meaning of love in every couple’s perspective with additional warmth and touch to the wedding album to make it even more personalized.

If you’d like to make your photoshoots even more special, you could even include your favourite pastimes together even as simple as sharing a cuppa together, sharing bible readings together and simply just appreciating each other’s presence, the unfading beauty of the gentle and quiet spirits.


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When you’re in love, you will feel like you’re on top of the world. Hence the spontaneous couple decided to take a shot to showcase the gorgeous landscape of Singapore’s skyline with light leaks from the sunset as a natural photo effect. In this set, the couple decided to go for a more dressed up look with a simple white silky dress and a grey shirt. But can you guess why?


It’s because this was where the couple had their first kiss and wanted to relive that special moment to be captured in their photos! A well-thought out wedding photo story like this sure deserves a thumbs-up! 🙂 So you thought Janan and Jace’s bridal photoshoot was interesting? Wait till you take a glimpse of their wedding ceremony!



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As time flew by, soon it was Janan and Jace’s wedding day! Donning a simple off-shoulder white gown, topped with a sweet tiara, Jace looked like a gorgeous princess. From the smiles on Janan face, we’re sure he agrees! Janan too was looking dapper with a classic black suit and maroon tie, to add a sleek touch and living proof that a black suit never fails!


Breaking out of the norm, the couple decided for an elegant and cozy outdoor wedding ceremony to exchange their vows. On the registration table were unique crafts and handmade items to represent the couple, with a hand drawn couple of the lovebirds! With a white and pastel blue theme in mind, the décor was set in soft hues of pink to complement the theme they had planned.

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As the wedding ceremony began, the lovely bride walked down the aisle, hand in hand with her mother who’s truly happy that her daughter has found true bliss. As they got seated, the minister welcome the family and friends gathered at this joyous ceremony. Thereafter, the exchange of vows began and the unity rite to bring the ceremony to a close. The true emotions captured, certainly resembles a very blissful atmosphere.



Following on with the ceremony, it was time for the wedding banquet! A unique handcrafted “strings of love” photo collage greeted all invited wedding guests and it was a way for them to be a part of this blissful couple’s unique wedding journey.

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During the second march in, the cheery couple changed into a Korean Designer Gown and Korean Designer Suit, looking so sophisticated. Jace wore a dusty pink silky gown with intricate floral detailing and mesh on the sides to highlight her alluring figure! While Janan opted for a unique navy blue suit to complement his bride’s stunning dress. These captured moments sure pictures a perfect story for years to come.


As you can tell by now, the photos were taken for the actual wedding day also adopts a lifestyle wedding photography approach, where raw emotions and the happiest subconscious moments are captured too. One advantage you may have is that if you have familiarized yourself with your pre-wedding photographer and appreciate his photojournalistic skillset.
You can have the option to have the same photographer on both occasions too.



Has Janan and Jace’s wedding journey transpired a multitude of ideas you’ll like to do for your wedding? If you want your photos to adopt the unconventional lifestyle approach, our creative photographers with an eye for photojournalistic shots can help you out with that!

Being experienced and always keeping up with the trends, we understand that pre-wedding photoshoots have been through many different phases since the beginning of time.
Hence, we provide flexibility in our wedding photography styles with a wide array of photo shoot concepts available!

Be it for your pre-wedding photo shoot or actual day wedding, simply drop a message in our inbox at or buzz us at 6337 7808 to craft your very own photo story. We can’t wait to start putting those ideas into reality for your wedding photography 🙂

 }The Louvre Bridal Team

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