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Koreans have indeed taken the world by storm with their alluring Korean Makeup trends and looks, effortless hairdos and even to the classy and feminine fashion styles! It is no wonder modern day brides are so intrigued by learning how to mirror the Koreans signature style. By acquiring these skills, you too could even turn into a “Korean bride” yourself, right here in Singapore.

Korean Wedding Dress

An interesting fact to note is that Korean wedding dress trends follow international branded gown designers and the latest wedding trends to infuse these elements into creating its stunning cutting-edge pieces.

With their appreciation to fit and flare cuttings, mermaid or trumpet style silhouettes, they incorporate these elements with the latest wedding dress trends to bring about the luxurious Korean Wedding Dresses that are the envy of many brides-to-be. Not forgetting, their careful attention to intricate lace detailing proves exemplary of the Korean signature style, befitting for the dazzling bride.

Now that you know a little more about Korean Wedding Dresses, take a look at the latest Korean wedding dress trends for you to be inspired in preparations for your very own Hallyu Wedding!

Korean Wedding Dress

Sheer Illusion

There is indeed something special about sheer illusion-like ballgowns. With the approach of the soft mesh instead of an ‘in your face’ cutout panel on your wedding dress, what makes the Korean Wedding Dress’s different is the position of its sheer pieces.

With careful thought on the material placement and just the right amount of mesh, it maintains a modest look, keeping the style chic yet romantic. Some dresses even include intricate floral lace detailing, which can add depth and body to the simple dress too.

Korean Wedding Dress

Stunning Veils and Trains

These two elements add a certain kind of glamour for any bride’s dress. Be it for the actual day wedding or wedding photoshoot, these elements give an added ‘wow’ factor.

Korean wedding dresses have flexible and versatile dress designs that allow you to detach and attach accessories. For example, sheer overlay covers, intelligent designs of detachable trains or even cape-like gowns where a veil can be attached and detached on the back. These added elements add the soft feminine touch in the Korean Wedding Dress, making it oh-so unique!

Korean Wedding Dress

Dare To Be Daring

For brides who want to add a touch of sexy, deep plunges aren’t going anywhere in the Korean wedding dress trends either! If you are daring enough, feel free to go for the stunning low V-neck plunge.

But if you’re looking for somewhere in between, go for a discreet illusion sheer cape for a sweet elegant touch of a true Korean bride. This is an “in thing” for 2017, so go ahead and strut your curves in style brides!

Korean Wedding Dress  

Soft-Hue Colored Gowns

With their gentle, soft makeup and hairdo looks, the natural look is the Korean’s style mantra. Hence, Korean Wedding Dresses also adopt the same soft, feminine designs and colors.

A popular start on how to pick a coloured gown would be to go for muted and pastel colours such as blush, pastel blue and light lavender. These colours all go hand in hand with the pure makeup looks to epitomize your Korean Style wedding!

Korean Wedding Dress

Here you have it, the Korean wedding dress trends that are bound to make you look and feel like a confident, “yeppuda” bride on your wedding day! Depending on your preferences, each Korean Style wedding dress has something to offer, which is your favourite?

Share with us which piece you like or even let us know if you’ll want to drop by to visit our featured boutique to view more Korean Designer wedding dresses, we’re just an email ( or a beep (6337 7808) away!

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