Since the beginning of time, flowers blooming have induced in us a radiating kind of blissfulness, just like lovers falling in love and their love blossoms.  This collection welcomes you to bring out your soft, romantic and feminine side. Like how women look radiant and beautiful when they are in love, it’s exemplary of flowers that are blossoming and in bloom. Hence, we came up with this name “La Floraison” (La-flo-ri-zon) which means blossoming in French for our April 2016 Local Designer collection.


Nominated as one of the Top 5 Bridals in Singapore, The Louvre Bridal is always staying up to trend by infusing fashion trends into our luxurious gowns for all Louvre Brides to adorn on their wedding day.  This time, we aim to create better visual impact by combining our creativity in both our gown and styled photo concepts,  in collaboration with Blogger and Social Media Influencer, Francesca Tan.

For those of you who are unaware of what our “Thematic Concepts Shoot” are, it is essentially your pre-wedding photoshoot but 10x better, cost-savvy and fun! By helping you to jazz up with props according to your desired theme for a styled shoot and by finding and coordinating with the various vendors for you, you are left hassle-free! Just choose from our wide variety of photoshoot themes all available at your fingertips under one roof at The Louvre Bridal!

The La Floraison Collection features beautiful soft hues of wedding gowns to complement you the blossoming bride. With intricate floral designs for you to swoon over, this collection calls you to embrace your gracefulness within.


Featured in the styled photoshoot is a fun one-of-a-kind design floral cocktail gown perfect for your engagement casual shoot. With radiant makeup and versatile hairstyles done by Autelier Makeup, it brought out the perfect fun and adventurous look for Francesca! Like how the colours of flowers range over a wide spectrum, making it all the more beautiful and colourful, this collection also features a range of colours to match every gorgeous bride.

Furthermore, Francesca’s nails would not have been perfectly manicured if not for Hua Yi Fang, giving her a white and blue combination to match our colour themes.


Couples in love with antiques or have the appreciation towards a road trip adventure, this is specially for you! With this “Vespa Getaway” theme, featuring a snow white Vespa sidecar from Little Tiffany Blue, you will be thrilled to know that it’s not just for display!

The best part though, if you have a Motorcycle Class 2 license, you can actually be taught to ride it for a bit! With the interesting pink heart balloon from Merry Studio attached along the vespa,  it’s without a doubt that anyone would know the both of your are deeply in love!


Can you imagine getting all these experience with your beloved partner?
It’s certainly twice the fun and twice the adventure, making it the best getaway you can ever imagine 😉





For brides in love with all things sweet, pink and floral, you’re in for a delightful treat as you set your eyes on this graceful powder pink dress with delicate and unique lace designs. Doesn’t this floral swing remind you of your sweet childhood days but this time with your romantic prince?



As crop top wedding gowns are part of the latest 2016 bridal trends, this collection features more exclusive crop tops design to suit your unique and diverse styles 🙂 Bringing out a chic yet elegant style for you!


The “Whispers of Bloom” theme features all things floral for you to have the holistic “flower power” experience. Having one of the biggest florist suppliers in Singapore, Sing See Soon to support us with all the beautiful flowers, especially with the flower arch you can have the floral dream you have always imagined.


Take your photo shoot to new heights as you frame the moment with a flower arch in your photo shoot. As a plus, you’ll have hanging mason jars to add a creative and romantic touch to your photos, bringing the delicate and sweet side of you.


To exude the feminine essence of this theme, a prelude of our Korean Designer Gowns can be found in this setting too 🙂 Grooms, don’t worry we have not left you out! This photoshoot also features a sneak peek of our Korean Designer suits which you can look out for during our next collection launch!


It’s not the end of the blog! As the photoshoot came to an end, the momentum was so high that the “bride” did a tossing of the flower bouquet too.
Can you guess who’s the lucky one to get married next? 😉



And there you have it! The groom and the bride shall live happily ever after!

The final output is what everyone sees but rarely will the hard work be known.
All thanks to Dumarks Productions for the shot snippets of what goes behind-the-scenes of the photoshoot!

We would like to credit the various contributing vendors for helping us fulfill the ideal look for our styled photography, so that you too can enjoy these wondrous themes and concepts all under The Louvre Bridal’s “Thematic Concepts Shoot”.

Flowers:                                      Sing See Soon

Vespa Sidecar:                         Little Tiffany Blue

Makeup & Hairdo:                   Autelier Makeup

Bridal Makeup:                         Esta Hsu

Bridal Hair:                                Jenny Goh

Videography:                           Dumarks Productions

Balloons:                                   Merry Studio

Nails:                                         Hua Yi Fang


Are you already excited to see the full range of our collection launch?

Then drop by our boutique to be greeted by the “La Floraison” Bridal Gowns Collection! What’s more, you can take a closer look at all the dresses we have raved about and also our NEW themes from our “Thematic Concepts Shoot”!

Let your love continue to bloom with our “La Floraison” collection as you buzz us at 6337 7808 or email to and be on your way to an extraordinary floral affair.

}The Louvre Bridal Team