So, you have decided to tie the knot and you have started to embark on your wedding planning journey. If you’re thinking of infusing a theme into your wedding gown and venue, then this guide is for you! Here are some ideas from us, recommending the best wedding gown according to your wedding venue in Singapore. 

Beach Wedding

Image credit to location: Coastes Singapore


Coastes is one unique wedding venue in Singapore, especially if you are looking at a beach wedding. Therefore, choose a dress with good comfort and mobility for an outdoor venue. As a result, the best wedding gown we recommend will be a lightweight dress that gives you a classy look without compromising on comfort. In addition, this flowy long train dress will be picture-perfect with it’s dreamy color and fabric softness.

dreamy wedding dresses -- Louvre Bridal

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Enchanted Romance Wedding 

Wedding Venue Singapore - The Secret Patio Singapore


Image credit to location: The Secret Patio


This wedding venue in Singapore provides a cozy and private event space to host your friends and family. The Secret Patio has European dome-style high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows, which give great natural lighting during the day. Live your princess dream by wearing an elegant gown with lace or embroidery details on your big day! In addition, this will go perfectly well when the light hits and displays the dreamy details of your gown.

lace wedding dresses -- Louvre Bridal



Classic Ballroom Wedding 

Wedding Venue Singapore - JW Marriott Hotel South Beach Singapore

Image credit to location: JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach


This ballroom at JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach is one grand wedding venue in Singapore. As an iconic and popular wedding venue, their ballroom calls for something that is glamorous. Therefore, a majestic ball gown with sparkle details and a voluminous skirt will ensure that you will be the center of attention when you enter. Besides, any bridal gown that is wow-worthy will make a great fit for a ballroom wedding venue! 



Whimsical Garden Wedding

Wedding Venue Singapore - Botanico at The Garage Singapore

Image credit to location: Botanico at The Garage


Holding your special day with tranquility at Botanico’s Garden Terrace gives off a rustic and magical feel that calls for a sprinkle of personality! Singapore Botanic Gardens is a great choice if you are dreaming of a whimsical garden theme wedding. So, try this quirky dress with floral details, which gives you maximum comfort while you look unique and chic, quintessential for an unconventional wedding venue, isn’t it? 

garden wedding dresses -- Louvre Bridal

We hope this article gives you some wedding venue and gown inspirations to kick-start your wedding planning! So, follow our social media accounts for more #BridalInspo! In addition, do g
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