Every bride loves to look your absolute best on your wedding day. But do you know that white has various shades and choosing the right shade of a white wedding gown can be one of the important elements to let you shine based on your underlying skin tone. If you’re a bit confused or overwhelmed about how to decide which shade of white will work for you, we’re here to help you achieve color palette perfection on your wedding day. Here’s our general breakdown of a few of the most popular shades of white bridal gowns!

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Identify your skin’s underlying hues

You can discover your undertone by looking at the veins in your wrist:

Cool undertones have hints of pink and blue in their skin.

Warm undertones usually have traces of gold and red on their skin.

Neutral undertones have an equal mix of cool and warm undertones.


White Wedding Gown

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It’s the brightest shade of white that you can choose for your bridal gown. Typically, this shade of white pairs well with a satin or crepe fabric for an effortlessly chic look. Therefore, white gives brides with warm undertones a glowing effect.


Ivory Bridal Gown

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Ivory is the most popular shade of white for all the skin tone. This particular shade of white can be found in various fabrics from silk to lace and compliments almost every skin tone. If you have olive skin just be aware that certain shades of ivory that have more yellow undertones can sometimes clash with your skin tone, making it appear duller.


Cream Colored Wedding Dress

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Creamy white with hints of yellow will make ladies with neutral undertones look glowing, as they help downtown the redness of your skin ton. Therefore we advice for women who have pink undertones, you should go for these shades of white.


Champagne Bridal Gown

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This is a romantic shade of white with a slight hint of pink recommended for pale skin tone. In addition, in low light and photos, these shades appear nearly white but accentuate well olive or sallow skin.

Shades of White Gowns

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