You’ve met your true prince charming in shining black armour. Or a shining black suit? As he sweeps your feet off, he kneels down and does a heartfelt speech and professes his love to you followed on with a dance.

In a blink of an eye, you see him with one knee on the ground and that sparkling shiny ring in the other hand, and there you are with the ring on your finger happily engaged.

Not all proposals are like a page out of your favourite fairytale book, and your wedding wouldn’t be as magical as you hope if you’re constantly having your head in the clouds.

If you want everything to be absolutely perfect towards your finely curated checklist, you’d be bound to get disappointed sooner or later. The entire wedding journey is a long process and if you restrict yourself too much, you may end up worrying more than you need to.

Thus, we have put together a list of Do’s and Don’ts to help you concise your thoughts for the planning of your wedding. If you have these in mind and the ways to go about them, we can safely say that you’ll be free of disappointments throughout your wedding journey!


1. Don’t skimp on the details for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Usually couples burst their budget when engaging multiple vendors to create their ideal magazine wedding setting for the photoshoot and sometimes it all ends with the same set of studio backdrops.

However, that doesn’t mean you hide away your Pinterest board and swear never to look at it again. Pick out some elements or small items/props which brings out the look and feel you want and look for them at a craft store or party shop. Make it truly unique to your love story by bringing in items that holds value to the both of you choose venues which brings back your sweetest memories.

We understand that the latest hype in the wedding scene is to have themed photoshoots by doing away with the same old studio backdrops. What you can do is take a look at our Thematic Concepts Shoot where we offer an extensive range of handmade props to grand setups for you to relish in for your photoshoot.

All these still comes with an added cost but at least you wouldn’t need to risk robbing a bank to get your desired photoshoot setting!


2. Do hire a professional instead of a friend

Sure, you have a friend that spent their past time mixing CDs back in secondary school, but that doesn’t mean he/she will make a great wedding DJ. Same goes for your friend who documents every milestone moments on Facebook with her handy digital camera – that doesn’t make her a professional photographer! Your wedding is no place for a tryout.

Even on a tight budget, there are some things you can sacrifice and some you can’t.  You’ll thank us at the end of the day when you avoid disappointments by paying a vendor with experience to take care of the essentials, like the cake, music, food and photography. Besides, don’t you want your friends to enjoy your wedding instead of having to work through it?


3. Don’t skip having a videographer to capture your most precious moments.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so what are we to say of a video?
As you say your vows to each other or as your groom throws away his pride during the gate crashing moments, you will be able to hear the heartfelt and earnest confessions and also the laughters and cries.

You will get to see things from a different perspective and we dare to say it is amazing.


4. Do create a guest list before picking out your venue.

Unless you’re settled on having your wedding in your backyard, booking your ideal venue is one of the first priorities when planning a wedding, since most places fill up fast.

But before this can be done, it’s great to have a rough estimate of how many guests will be attending your wedding. Booking a venue that can’t hold everyone is definitely not a sight you’ll want to see on your special day and you wouldn’t want to pay for the extra empty seats either.


5. Don’t be too insistent on anything specific

Be it on your flowers, dresses or even wedding decor for your venue. It’s great to have a list of items you would like to have for your wedding day but it’s a different thing altogether when it becomes a must-have.

For example, if you have to have blue hydrangeas on your wedding day, you might get disappointed. Considering that hydrangeas are white almost all seasons, there’s no definite yes as to whether it’ll be available on your wedding day. What you can do however, is to think of colours and shapes instead of specific flowers.

Same goes for dresses, perhaps have 3 different dress shapes in mind or 3 different colours for your evening gowns. That way, you help narrow down your search but at the same time you’re not restricting yourself too much and make room for your bridal shop’s stylist to help you out with their professional advice.

The best tip is to keep and open mind until you’ve at least settled on the basics.


6. Do set aside a budget for unexpected wedding costs

When planning a wedding, it’s easy to think about your budget in terms of huge items: the dress, the venue, the flowers, the food and beverages. But it’s the little wedding day extras that can add up and make you confused as to how you went over your intended budget.

The common ‘hidden costs’ couples fail to take note of could be early bird charges, ampoules and fake eyelashes. Why are there extra charges, you may ask? As every individual/couple is different these are extra items and services which not every couple will require as it will be based on certain couples preferences, requests and itinerary.

Early bird charges occur when a couple requires any professional to arrive earlier than their usual hours. Let’s say a bride would like to do her makeup at 5am to reach the auspicious timing for the gate crashing, her makeup artist would have to be up and awake latest by 3.30am before getting ready and making her way to the bride’s place! Is it fair to fault the professional for these extra charges then?

Another example, would be the wedding photo album of your pre-wedding photoshoot. Usually your photo album comes with a selected number of edited photos and if you’re looking for more pictures, definitely additional costs are involved for the extra editing effort and printing.

At The Louvre Bridal, we aim to be transparent with our couples on sharing the costs for the optional items. It is our policy not to promote the additional services as compulsory and our coordinators are dedicated to understand the couples and cater to their needs according to the various scenarios and itinerary.

We suggest that you can bring across your concerns with your vendors earlier on their ‘hidden costs’, to avoid any unnecessary sour relationships during the planning of your wedding. You can also then plan your budget wisely with this information on the ‘exposed costs’ to feel comfortable and enjoy your wedding process.

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime moment, but you too have to understand that having expectations will sometimes lead to disappointments. So take it easy and go step by step as you plan your wedding.

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{The Louvre Bridal Team