Evening Gown: How to choose a flattering wedding colored dress? [Updated 2020]

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After the rain sometimes comes rainbows and why is it that we tend to feel inspired, joyful and even special after seeing it?
This is because seeing the technicolor sky sparks hormones that will correct your imbalances and create a certain sense of tranquil sensation in your body. Now that you know the importance colors have in your life, let’s dive a bit deeper!


Color Affects our Moods & Personality

Adorning the right colored evening gown has the power to give your look an instant boost of radiance. Furthermore, the color you wear also sends messages about your mood and personality. And surely this is important for your magnificent march-in moment at your wedding banquet, as well as the rest of the night as you mingle with your guests!

With you being in the centre of attention the entire evening, you do want to ensure you’re in a colored gown that brings out your unique personality and flatters your look!

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But with a myriad of dress colors available, how do you know which is the right one for you?

Well, we’re here to help! Here’s our quick guide for you to easily nail the right color that matches your unique personality and flatters your look!

Louvre Bridal Couture Evening Gown

When deciding what color your wedding gown should be, the top two factors you must consider is your skin tone and personality.



First, consider your Personality.

The color you choose to wear send out messages that can be used to interpret your personality, so choose one that enhances your individuality, and also helps you feel comfortable and confident!


Skin Tone

Next, consider your skin tone!

There are specific colours that compliment your skin tone, and other colours which make you look unflattering. Thus, choosing the right colour for your evening wedding gown is vital!



For fair skin tones, placid blues and blue-greens are especially flattering. Peach, coral, aqua and bright greens are all colors that work! However, avoid dark and dull colors – black and white may also be too much of a contrast for your skin tone.

Louvre Bridal Couture Colored Wedding Gown

Medium skin tones work well with almost any colour, but brighter, deeper hues and jewel tones work best to flatter your look! Colours that provide a complimenting contrast are mint blue, pink and metallic. Colours that are less ideal are browns, beiges and greys.

For dark or tanned skin, light yellow, pastel and peachy shades, bold colors like red or electric blue would be beautiful on you! But do stay away from browns and blacks.

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Now, let’s quickly put these easy tips into practice!

Maybe you’re a bride-to-be who has a medium skin tone. You’re more of a ‘bridechilla’ than a Bridezilla who is pretty easy-going, relaxed and cool about things! You’re also the caring type, and on your wedding day, you want nothing more than your guests to feel comfortable and happy.

Well, considering your personality and skin tone, we think you might just look perfect in a mint green wedding gown!

Louvre Bridal Couture Colored Dress

We hope you have fun choosing that perfect colored dresses!

While this is a really quick and useful guide, it isn’t comprehensive as your choice of color for your evening dress is also dependent on many other factors in the planning process, such as your theme venue, etc.

For more dedicated guidance and tips on each and every part of your wedding coordination, the experienced team at The Louvre Bridal would gladly extend a helping hand and make it a breeze during the selection of your bridal gowns and yet ensuring that you outshine on your actual wedding day.

Louvre Bridal Couture Colored Gown

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So, let’s start selecting and let our spectrum of colored dresses sweep you off your feet!

}The Louvre Bridal Team


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