Bridal Gown: Disney Princess Inspired Gowns for Rent in Singapore

Growing up, every little girl has probably watched a Disney princess movie at least once or if not, way too many times for you to count. Remember that romantic fantasy of happily-ever-after you dreamt of having after watching your favourite Disney princess looking so blissful? We know you do and the time has come for you to have yours!

What better way to feel like a princess on your wedding day than donning on a Disney-inspired bridal gowns? Here’s a compilation of gown ideas for your wedding gown rental here in Singapore to write your own fairy tale wedding.



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The timelessly romantic princess, Cinderella is the second Disney princess movie aired (in 1950) and her story tells a version of a plain jane becoming a princess, all it takes is will, determination and a little touch of magic! To channel her classic style, the regal and enchanted soft powder blue ball gown with a very full skirt will channel the luxurious look of the riches. Add that finishing touch with sheer or light coloured heels to emulate the glass slippers Cinderella wore!



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The story of Rapunzel is of a princess who is youthful, carefree, strong-willed and one who makes the most out of her situation no matter the hurdles that comes her way. If you feel like you resonate with her character or her story, we have just the perfect wedding dress for you to mirror her look! Rapunzel’s dress is purple in the movie so a lavender bridal gown fits the bill perfectly, especially if you have long luscious locks the resemblance will seem uncanny!

Also, fun fact do you know that in the original story, the name Rapunzel was adapted from a light purple flower named Campunula Rapunculus? That is why in the film, Rapunzel wears purple and has flowers in her hair. We suggest completely pulling off her iconic look with a bohemian hairstyle either with a flower crown or lovely flowers in your hair.



Belle – Beauty and the Beast

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“Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme…”

If you know the words, you know you’re a fan! But what’s not to like about this story? Especially when Belle teaches us values such as seeing the deep soul of someone instead of just judging someone (or something in this case) based on their ‘beastly’ looks. Belle teaches us that there’s more than meets the eye.

A beauty with wits and a kind heart, should go for Belle’s look of a golden, pristine yellow ball gown. Top of that look with a half bun hairdo and as you waltz down the ballroom, every bride-to-be will agree that your look is #goals!




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Rarely recognized for her bravery and an influential Disney character, although seldom recognized as a princess, Mulan resembles the bold and charismatic modern-day lady who

Is strong and fearless. Showcase the brave and selfless spirit of Mulan with this high collar oriental neckline bridal gown. This fit and flare gown frame is perfect for the modern day bride looking for a little twist. Adopt a high bun or loose bun look and you’re good to go – Mulan approved!


Elsa – Frozen

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Highly raved for her snow queen look and her unique character of being someone powerful yet highly misunderstood. Someone who is strong but yet very vulnerable at the same time, making her an admirable character. This icy queen look can be perfected with a sequin adorned A-line princess wedding dress to create the dramatic entrance for your once in a lifetime moment.


Are these wedding dress ideas making you extremely excited for your wedding gown rental? Get set for your big day with our finely curated selection of wedding gowns for you to choose from.

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