Bridal Dress Rental: 6 Airy Lightweight Wedding Dresses You Can Dance In!

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Finding a bridal dress that shows a beautiful style with comfort inclusion, so that the bride is still able to move around freely and even dance in it? Ahead, we’ve culled an edit of 6 light-weighted bridal dresses for the bride-to-be craving for a bridal dress of comfy. From A-line gowns to mermaid cuts, you’re sure to be inspired!

Short or Without Train

Let’s face it, a lot of bridal dresses are well, extravagant.  If your visions of “the one” are less lace and ballgown and more clean, architectural lines, and zero fuss—you’re a minimalist bride. And for you, that means finding a simple bridal dress that still makes a very big statement. Go for a bridal dress with a short train or even no train will reduce the weight of the gown. Moreover, it is easy to move around.

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The above featured fit & flare bridal dress highlights extraordinary craftsmanship at the bodice and showcases your figure in a way that is subtly sexy, to boot.

bridal dress Singapore

Romantic, classic and always flattering, A-line bridal dresses are a timeless style that looks good on all brides.



The traditional wedding dress fabric is undergoing a major re-design. Rather than feeling stuffy, dresses from this netted make are ethereal and modern, some even feel lighter than chiffon skirts and silk chartreuse sheaths. The best part is that tulle is no longer limited to oversize ball gown.

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Like this breezy A-line design above, it’s lightness adds an air of romance to any design and it creates princess-worthy volume without adding weight — a key element for brides who want to break it down on the dance floor.

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To feel like a princess bride-meets-modern girl on your wedding day, look no further than this pretty pick with reduced layers of tulle to allow you in showing off your slender legs subtly.



Chiffon fabric is a lightweight fabric with a mesh-like weave that gives it transparent appearance. If you are looking for lightweight wedding dresses with free-flowing fabrics that move with your body, then this featured sheath bridal dress is an excellent fit for a beach celebration or pre-wedding photoshoot.

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bridal dress Singapore

This chiffon bridal dress makes it easy to use with the wind and create a more dramatic effect with you dancing in the dress.



The mermaid silhouette is a great style for flaunting feminine curves; tightly hugging the contours of the body from bodice to knee, where the skirt begins to dramatically flare away from the body, down to the hem.

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Choose a mermaid with a non-voluminous bottom instead like the above featured bridal dress. This will allow you to move easily in your bridal gown.

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