Beach Wedding Dress: 5 Beach-Themed Wedding Inspirations For Singapore Brides

beach wedding dress

Beach weddings are extremely popular all year round because they are the most romantic and relaxing. Wearing a gorgeous flowy beach wedding dress, kick off your shoes,  feel the sand between your toes, enjoy a beautiful sunrise and sunset with your loved ones. How wonderful and romantic it is!  Elevating the overall style of a beach wedding can mean more than just impromptu tropical floral and an array of vibrant textiles. Below are some fabulous wedding dresses and ideas that will surely inspire any couple planning to say “I Do” with the ocean.

Hawaiian Tropics

beach wedding dress

Say “aloha” to acai bowls and palm leaves of plenty! If you’re a bride who’d like to spend the rest of her days lying on the beach, then this tropical color scheme is just perfect for you! Choose a colorful beach wedding dress to bring out the sunshine in you!


Boho Chic

Bohemian weddings are a hit right now because they are relaxed and fun while beach weddings are always super actual because it’s just a dream. Walking down the beach aisle with the breeze in your face. But what if we mix these two ideas in one? It’ll be just gorgeous! Boho chic beach weddings are incredibly relaxed, full of sunlight, sand and salty breeze. Isn’t that perfect for a summer soiree? Whimsical, romantic, and boho-inspired beach wedding dress suits free-spirited brides who want to look effortlessly chic!


Blue Ocean

beach wedding dress

From seashell bouquets to starfish décor to exiting your reception on a boat, there are so many fantastic ideas that’ll only work at this idyllic setting. Incorporate the color of the sky and sea as blue color is considered beneficial to the mind and body for a relaxing mood. A high-low beach wedding dress is a gown that features an asymmetrical design, perfect for an outdoor celebration.   Kick off your shoes and escape with your photographer at sunset for unforgettable beach photos!


Sunset Cruise

beach wedding dress

The strikingly beautiful and warm colors of a sunset painted sky come together to create one of life’s most breathtaking moments. Paint your wedding day with those same colors and we guarantee your wedding will be nothing short of paradise. When it comes to beach wedding dresses, light-weight and flowing is always the way to go.


Romantic Touch

It’s easy to get swept into a frenzy of rich oranges, pinks, and yellows when strategizing a beach affair. Pastel tone colored wedding dresses will never go out of style. Add on candle lights for a night to remember.

 It is a particularly romantic way to start your marriage on the beach, isn’t it?

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