“Finding love is like finding shoes. People go after the good looking ones,
but they end up choosing the one they feel comfortable with.”

Some say it’s a touch of magic, some say it’s a stroke of luck but finding the right one is truly a blissful feeling. Just like how you took time to find the right one, you too should find and trust the right wedding advisors you are comfortable with to be with you on your once in a lifetime journey.

At The Louvre Bridal, it is our philosophy to bring couples the best wedding experience and fulfill their dream wedding. After all, this is the celebration of your treasured union together and Shaowei & Edith were no exception to what we believe in.

Our first encounter with Shaowei & Edith was back in September 2015, the couple was still considering their options and had a few ideas in mind for their shoot. Our experienced wedding advisor then planned with them their wedding journey from pre-wedding to their actual day, which was then when they realized that a lot more details have to be addressed before going ahead with their planning. During the brainstorming session we also shared with them on the Korean Concept styles, Thematic Concepts Shoot which the The Louvre Bridal specializes in and also many other creative ideas.

After moments of laughter and an exchange of information on understanding the couple better, we found that they were looking for shots which looked as if they weren’t in Singapore and those which included the soft and dreamy touch to their photos, as though they were in a secret world of their own. With that, the nice and understanding couple made the decision on the spot to engage with The Louvre Bridal’s Singapore Korean Concept style for their photo shoot.

As the days leading up to their pre-wedding photo shoot, our coordinator liaised with them on the locations for their shoot. To accentuate the local Korean Concept theme, as they were focusing more on indoor venues, we suggested a new modern and cozy cafe to the couple for them to have their perfect photoshoot. Also, giving advises on the perfect gown to don, for the beautiful bride to be in line with her theme and yet look ravishing! Before we knew it, it was the day of the photoshoot.



A neo-classical iconic architecture, with simple modernism in National Museum made the perfect backdrop for the Korean Concept style which they were looking for as they posed for their elegant shots, don’t they truly look like a sweet blissful couple?

As Edith adorned the snow white Korean Designer Gown with dropping jewelled embellishments, we couldn’t help but swoon over how elegant and classy she looks, totally befitting for their desired look!



Next up, is the exciting cafe we recommended filled with sweet cream coloured walls, and a variety of setups which made an interesting homely backdrop which made it seem like a happy cozy dream. The bears definitely added a soft and cuddly touch, which looks so fuzzy they probably wanted to bring one home!


For pre-wedding photoshoots, couples usually mix it up with a  mixture of indoor and outdoor venues, so naturally the couple chose to stop by an outdoor venue  to capture shots of them having “a walk in a park”, they definitely look like they’re on their own date and strolling through Yeouido Park in Korea!

Even though it was a long day, the couple felt that it was worth the effort as it’s the memories they have made which will continue being in their minds of this once in a lifetime moment.

Having such a splendid prewedding photoshoot, Edith and Shaowei continued to entrust their actual day bridal and wedding photography. Furthermore, the couple decided to bring their wedding forward, leaving barely 3 months for the production of the album. However, knowing The Louvre Bridal has 10 years worth of experiences in wedding planning, they trusted us and we managed to successfully deliver their photo album, perfectly in time for their wedding.

It was such a pleasure to doll up the beautiful bride Edith in our various gowns and capture the wedding tales of the couple from the beginning till their actual day, truly making this a memorable journey altogether.

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Catch their video highlights here!

The journey spent together with the couple may seem short but its the moments we have forged together, as we planned with them stage by stage and step by step to fulfill their dream wedding.

From the pre-wedding photoshoot to the actual day bridal and wedding photography accomplished by the team from The Louvre Bridal, we are glad to have been chosen to be a part of Shaowei and Edith’s truly wonderful adventure and are thankful for the compliments received by the delightful duo.

shaowei & edith2

It was definitely an unforgettable journey for our whole team and we look forward to bringing you the wedding you have always dreamed of. With our expertise, we bring you a one-stop hassle free planning making your once in a lifetime moment, the perfect moment to remember forever.

}The Louvre Bridal Team