Have you wondered why couples would carry out a prewedding photoshoot before their actual wedding day?

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Nowadays, couples are drawn to the concept of a prewedding photoshoot and the hype about it is increasing more and more as the years go by. Furthermore, more and more couples are looking towards “Thematic Concepts Shoots” or Korean Concept Shoots to add a little twist to the usual shoot and pose event.

Even though Pixar’s “Inside Out” is an interestingly accurate representation of how our memory works, yet somehow we are still unable to control it. Statistics states that memories do not decay and everything is stored in there but, without rehearsal, memories become harder to access. So what better way to “access” these memories decades down the road, other than pictures?

As you take out these photos in years to come, you can capture this moment of time and relieve it all in a moment with a wide smile on your face.

Still unconvinced? Here are 5 other reasons why a prewedding photoshoot is important.

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Soothes Your Senses

Planning a wedding no doubt takes a tremendous amount of work, leading it to become overwhelming and stressful. Amidst all the choosing of hotels, dress fittings, food tasting, it makes it a challenge just to find time just for the both of you.

That’s where your prewedding photoshoot comes in! As you spend that few hours with each other, you can forget about all your stress and soothe your senses by having fun and just reconnecting with each other.

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Adds A Spark of Personal Touch

Since your prewedding photoshoot is usually done a few months in advance to your wedding, perhaps you can pick your favourite shots of your prewedding photoshoot and craft your own unique Save The Date invitation to your guests!

Also, having an album also makes it interactive during the reception. Make use of the projection screens and create a photo montage with your pre-wedding photos, highlighting your love story in a beautiful melody.

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Makes You Camera Shy No More

Keeping you acquainted with being photographed would be a great dry run! As you battle those camera nerves and get comfortable in front of the camera lens, you’ll probably learn to enjoy the process and be flaunting your poses on your actual day!

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You’ll Get To Take A Sneak Peek

Sometimes, brides see their pre-wedding photoshoot to be a trial run for their wedding. It’s a great way to test the hair styles you have in mind and conveying them to your makeup artist before your special day. Having a sneak peek, allows you to get acquainted with the procedures and makes it easier for your wedding day!

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For The Memories Ahead

We know we have already mention this in the beginning but can you see how nice it will be? Imagine taking out your album from under your bed or in the storeroom 10 years down the road  and flipping through the pages of your album as you take a walk down memory lane and revel in your love journey, and perhaps even explaining it to your children.

A prewedding photoshoot is really a chance for you to portray your love story or any unique traits about the both of you, giving you a chance to be creative, as compared to your actual day. Unleash your imagination and be wowed as there are endless possibilities to how you want your shoot to look like, making this a unique moment you will remember forever.

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At the end of the day, we know it’s common for every album to be hidden somewhere. But sometimes it’s all about the journey and the things you do together as a team. It’s great to just have fun while having your pictures captured in a stress-free environment as it provides as a great stress reliever and you’ll get to keep some breathtaking photos!

If we’ve managed to rope you in onto the prewedding photoshoot bandwagon, view more photo portfolios or drop by our boutique as we continue to share some inspirations, portfolios, tips and tricks for you! Join us on Saturday, 4th March 2017 at our “Photo Sharing Session” to learn valuable tips from experienced photographers! Email to enquiry@thelouvrebridal.com to book your seats!

} The Louvre Bridal Team