The beginning of your wedding planning is never easy. How do you start? Where do you start? What do you need to prepare for? A myriad of questions starts to swarm your mind and you feel like you might need to sit down for this, so please feel free to.

Every couple has their very own way of going around with planning their wedding but what better way than to learn about it through couples who have gone through it themselves? Let’s take a look on the journey from our graduated couple, Johnny and Lydia and how their wedding tales can inspire your wedding and give you tips for your wedding planning.


Being the Official and Recognized Partner of Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and the Pioneer in Korean Concept Bridal, The Louvre Bridal hosted a Korea Inspired Wedding Event at KTO Singapore back in 2014, which was also where we had the participation of sweet and graceful couple Johnny and Lydia.

The demure couple attended our event to learn more about pre-wedding photo shoots in Korea, learn about what we had to offer and be assured on any doubts they had about the photo shoot cycle, because after all it is a new found experience. Also, since going overseas to take your wedding photo shoot might seem as if its a whole new world and adventure definitely making want you to keep in mind many things and take note of.

If it were up to you, what would you choose to compare with? Main factors couples usually consider would be based on their budget, the quality and the recognition of the Company to give them a sense of assurance to decide whom can they entrust their wedding with. But with these infinite comparisons, when will it ever stop?


As we understood how the couples must have been feeling, we enlightened the couples present with a sharing session from our happily graduated couples about their journey. They shared their initial doubts and then went on to explain how easy it was to entrust us with their once in a lifetime moment because of the care and professionalism provided.

After listening and understanding the credible and rational points from these smart brides and grooms on how to ‘shop wisely’, Johnny and Lydia decided on the spot to sign up for the Korean Pre-Wedding Photoshoot and entrust The Louvre Bridal with their wedding planning.

Many people will think that this is a hasty decision, but Johnny & Lydia took a courageous decision because they knew that opportunities like these don’t come knocking on your door twice.



Months flew by and soon the time for Johnny and Lydia’s dream pre-wedding photo shoot arrived, the journey that allowed them to create many wonderful moments on their pre-honeymoon trip.

Also, all this time our relationship with the couple grew stronger each day and thus, the trust within us was being built up over the months. Furthermore, since the pre-wedding photo shoot was such a success, this encouraged Johnny and Lydia to continue choosing us as their preferred bridal for their actual day wedding in Singapore. Not only did they entrust us in capturing images of expressive emotions with a sense of journalistic style, we also include our wedding planning within the service.

In November 2015, the duo made a trip down for their fitting session for their actual day wedding and really enjoyed the process. As all Louvre Brides have the privilege of donning on the trendiest and latest gowns, Lydia too was greeted with an array of our newest gown collection which was just recently launched in October.

She happily picked a charming off-shoulder gown accompanied with beautiful floral appliqués, all part of the newest 2016 Bridal Trends for her special day. The other gown that caught her eye was a simple classic sweetheart a-line dress, embroidered with delicate lace from our latest Korean Designer Gown Collection which we helped to pick as Lydia was looking for a gown with a long train and that would match eloquently with her wedding venue.

Going the extra mile, we assisted the couple with styling in every step of the way. From choosing the colour of the flowers to match her wedding venue, to helping her choose exactly which makeup & hairdo and also accessories which would make her shine on her wedding day.


As we plan weddings with a heart, not only did we help with styling of the gowns but we also planned the couple’s itinerary of their actual day wedding together with them. Learning that they had a simple wedding planned out with a gatecrashing and a church ceremony, the styling was kept minimal but yet we knew that no matter how small everything is, it still had to be perfect.

Oh, that wondrous and amazing look of pure bliss when he’s greeted by the love of his life!


Watching these sweet and magical moments of their actual day, makes us shed a tear for they look so happy to genuinely find the perfect one for each other.

These lovebirds definitely can’t get enough of each other!


A lovely bouquet of flowers, befitting for the sweet and demure bride.




As the wedding march began, the Christian community of family and friends stood up in joyous celebration for the couple to welcome the bride-to-be walking down the aisle hand in hand with her father, who could not believe how fast his daughter has grown but yet smiles as she has finally found true happiness. Truly symbolic of the commitment Johnny and Lydia have for each other for the rest of their lives, every moment of enlightenment is captured on their faces and the faces of their loved ones.


As brothers and sisters in Christ all sang hymns together as one to praise the Lord, they were glad to be part of this jubilant occasion. Following on was their pledge and wedding vows, the promise to each other for eternity.

The moment that everyone was waiting for arrived, as Johnny lifted the veil to kiss his beloved bride when they were pronounced husband and wife. Bringing this perfect ceremony to a close with the recessional hymn playing melodiously in the background to welcome the new Mr and Mrs Low.


Having been with Johnny and Lydia right from the start with planning their whole wedding journey, to the moment where Johnny unveils her veil and even till the moment where the bride and groom walks out happily and blissfully without any worry on their special day made us rejoice too.

This made us proud because even though Johnny and Lydia had a special itinerary on their wedding day, we managed to fit it in to their wedding day to bring them a successful wedding journey and even though they made such a hasty decision on the spot to sign up with The Louvre Bridal, they never regretted their decision and are very grateful that they made the right choice in trusting our team in terms of our responsibility, professionalism and experiences.

So if you’re wondering if your wedding can still be as rejoiceful as it seems, yes it still can! Because all you need to do is to take the right steps by being a smart bride and choosing a vendor you are comfortable with and provides you with the best for your sweetest unforgettable moments.

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Every couple have their first time. Some couples have made the right choice even at their first time. We believe the best advice would come from these true weddings of happily graduated brides and grooms.

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