Bridal Salon: 7 Misconceptions about Singapore Bridal Studios

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You have heard horrible stories about Singapore bridal studios? If you are thinking twice on if you should step into a bridal salon for your wedding planning. Read this first!

Most of us, (we’re talking about you, girls) have dreamt of the day where we find our perfect mate, accept the proposal and finally start off the much-anticipated search for the dream wedding gown. This is a fabulous journey. Though you may have the man, the ring, the wedding date; it is possible that you may not be ready as you think you are. Here we have compiled some common misconceptions about Singapore bridal studios which may come in handy as you embark on the wedding planning.

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Misconception #1:  I have ample time to keep shopping

This has to be the most common misconception when it comes to shopping for a wedding or bridal package. We often hear this:” My wedding is still far ahead, I still have time.” Honestly, how far ahead is considered far? If you are planning for an overseas shoot, we usually suggest planning at least 1 year ahead and if you are planning for a destination with seasons, you’ll definitely want to catch the best season to travel for the scenic shots. Planning early also means you could camp and seize the best travel deals and early bird savers for your flight and accommodation.

For local pre-wedding photo shoots, the best-recommended timeline to have the shoot done would be 4-6 months before the wedding date. That said, we still need to cater extra time for your wedding dress fitting and alteration. If it is a custom made-to-measure gown, more time would be needed to get the wedding dress ready! We strongly believe that location research and pre-wedding photo shoot itinerary planning are important factors that contribute to the final output of your desired wedding pictures.  Last minute work will just add on unnecessary stress and may even result in unfavorable output with inadequate communication and proper planning.

So for those with a short engagement or just a year to plan (which is the average length of an engagement period today), you may want to go ahead and start shopping now, rather than later. As long as you have a tentative date set and a budget in mind, come on in! If you wait too late, you will run into limitations, restrictions and extra fees to have the order rushed. Now knowing this…you can go ahead and start making appointments to check out more.

*Insider Tip*: Be ready to FIND THE ONE when you start bridal shopping. As long as you are ready to commit to “the one”, the bridal salon would usually offer discounts and/or some type of benefits to those couples who are ready to place their booking on the day. You are shopping, aren’t you? Well, you should be prepared to find what you are looking for! Sometimes you have to trust your instinct. Non-stop comparison will just tire you down and you might just end up with the last bridal salon you stepped in without being conscientious.



Misconception #2:  Bridal boutique only offer template packages

Recently, we do see more brides preferring to plan a DIY (Do It Yourself) wedding. Taking the DIY route might not mean pocket-friendly, however, it’s definitely not easy logistically speaking. One of the common refrains we’ve heard from our brides was how unprepared they were for the amount of work involved when they decided to DIY their wedding. And that doesn’t mean you have to steer away from bridal studios.

Contrary to the belief, most bridal shops are able to customize the package accordingly with much flexibility. In The Louvre Bridal, we customize package items after understanding what our couple requires. Even if it is not a full wedding package that you need, you can pick and choose from our wide range of wedding services and we can come up with something ideal for you. Hooray! You have someone to share the planning load, while still able to plan a DIY wedding!


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Misconception #3:  Singapore Bridal studios have hidden costs

This may sound familiar and intimidating to many. We’ve heard from our fellow brides recounting their friends’ advice against bridal shops. But hey! Here’s a tip to prevent such unhappy episodes from happening on the wedding journey. While discussing with the Wedding Consultant, be sure to be open about the requirements for your wedding and know what you are signing up for. Having a complete bridal package customized to your needs helps eliminate the need for add-on in future. Be clear and specific of your wants before you start your bridal shop shopping will help you to save time and prevent unexpected charges over items or services you require after signing up the initial discussed bridal package.

*Insider Tip*: Of course if there are some options that you are still unsure for, it will be best to have a list of the pricing noted for so that it is in your budget planning and doesn’t come as a surprise to you subsequently. Therefore, over here at The Louvre Bridal, a wedding package price list is distributed to couples upon signup since day 1 of our operation. This level of transparency allows the couple to be fully aware of any other options should they be considering later on and certainly non-obligatory.


Misconception #4:  I can scrimp and save up without going to bridal shops

There are already 1001 things on your to-do list for the whole wedding planning, from guest lists, coordinating the dress code for the bridal party and deciding the wedding bands. Imagine the amount of stress if you’d still need to coordinate between the dress rental, ensuring the photo editing preferences, the x number of times you need to update the photographer, makeup artist on the itinerary changes etc. Why not part some of your wedding stress to the experienced Wedding Coordinator who will be there throughout your bridal journey to ease some of the load for you? Being professionally trained and having handled numerous weddings, the Wedding Coordinator would also be someone you could seek for pieces of advice on the wedding program planning and even little details like how to pick out a floral bouquet to perfectly match your wedding gown. Looking at a bigger picture: you can always earn back the money but not the time you have wasted over the trivial matters.  Sometimes, making yourself too stress might end up unnecessary arguments with your spouse-to-be. Remember, a wedding is a joyous event.

*Insider Tip*: At The Louvre Bridal, our wedding coordinators are well trained with more than 10 years of experiences and have planned more than 5000 successful weddings till date. You can sit back and relax, while we take care of the rest for you.


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Misconception #5:  Hiring talented friends can do the job

Just because your friend’s Instagram account is full of beautiful nature/ portrait shots doesn’t mean your wedding pictures will yield the same results. An experienced wedding photographer knows how to shoot a mix of action shots (bride getting ready, fun gate-crashing moments, touching vows exchange) while also capturing all the must-have family and bridal party photos. It takes much training and experiences for the photographer to anticipate the moments and snap them at the right timing. After all, these are precious photos that you’d have to look back on your wedding many loving years later. This goes the same for all other categories, like flowers, and makeup. Look for the pros, and if money is your concern, just be open and honest about your budget from the start. Usually, by planning a one-stop wedding with a bridal salon, there are more discounts for combo packages.  As the name presents, a “bridal salon” is where all the wedding professionals are gathered.


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Misconception #6:  All wedding dresses look the same in Singapore bridal studios

Why so some dresses cost $200 and others at $2000? It’s about the quality of the fabric, the embellishments, and the construction of the wedding dress and sometimes, the luxe brand name. In other words, those pricey gowns have some serious style. That’s not to say you have to go over budget to find a wedding dress – a good bridal salon consultant can suggest stylish gowns that fit and flatter in your price range, so you can rely on their good experiences to help you find the perfect fit.

*Insider Tip*: The Louvre Bridal is one of the wedding trendsetters in Singapore with our bi-yearly bridal couture fashion show taking place in renowned 5-stars hotels. We offer a wide range of wedding gown styles and designs from local to Japan and Korea most-sought designers. Our brides are spoilt for choices! Plus! You can freely select a different wedding gown from the pre-wedding and actual day if you’d like to go for more changes of looks. Wearing a wedding dress IS a once-in-a-lifetime thing after all.


Misconception #7:  Bridal shops are all the same kind
Every bridal boutique is unique in its own way. Each would have its own forte, styles and quality of works. Example, this bridal shop A’s strength might be their style of wedding dresses and bridal shop B is more specialized in photography. Just like how hotels are ranked by stars. Even bridal studios do have this star rating difference.  We do not mean by the star review on Google ranking only. In this context, we meant on their company branding. How each bridal shop is being ranked would be based on their recognition, service level standard, years of experience,  customers database etc.

*Insider Tip*:  While shortlisting the bridal shops to visit, first sort out your shopping criteria and budget planning. This would help to streamline the wedding shopping process and make it more fruitful.


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We hope the above sharing has helped you to clear some of the misconceptions about bridal studios. We believe every wedding dream can be made possible with a dedicated and passionate team to help you.

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