Japan Pre-wedding: 6 Pre-wedding Destinations in Japan that are sure to make you swoon

The reasons are aplenty to visit Japan. Combining ancient culture with exquisite natural landscapes and dazzling modernity, the Asian nation is stirring an increasing number of travellers’ souls. It comes as no surprise that the land of the rising sun makes the perfect destination for those mesmerising pre-wedding shoot images. Here are the top 6 locations that you have to visit for your Japan Pre-wedding photoshoot.

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Kyoto is by far one of the most popular photoshoot destinations in Japan to see the fall colours. The beautiful ancient temples and shrines are perfect backdrops for the stunning red leaves. The autumn scenery of Kyoto is sure to leave you awestruck! The romantic fall hues of Kyoto will set the mood perfectly for a pre-wedding shoot. In fact, all seasons are great to visit Kyoto. The atmospheric festivals of summer, vibrant leaves of autumn, cherry blossom magic in spring and the blanket of snow over the region in winter – something special every season.

One of the favourite spots for those amazing pre-wedding photos is the Kinkaku-Ji or commonly known as the Golden Pavilion. Due to its popularity, it is essential to arrive early to get your shots without too many people getting in your way. It is a must to visit Bamboo Forest, a natural forest of bamboo located in Arashiyama.  It is also the best way to embrace the nature.

japan-pre-wedding japan-pre-wedding japan-pre-wedding


Japan has distinctive seasons and the seasonal changes add more beauty to Hokkaido. Clean air, blue sky, colourful flowers, undulating hills, the majestic mountains and the list just goes on. Every season in Hokkaido has something magical to offer – beautiful flowers in spring, perfect weather in summer, breath-taking colours in the fall and magnificent white snow in the winter. Other than the perfect scenery, you can sightsee, eat and be one with nature in Hokkaido. Overseas pre-wedding destination and a perfect vacation in one!

Some of the less popular but incredibly stunning locations in Hokkaido include the Asahidake – the highest mountain in Hokkaido and Lake Toyoni or known as the Heart Lake. Surrounded by primaeval forest, Lake Toyoni looks like a peaceful lake from the ground level but viewed from above it is in the shape of a heart – thus, its name The Heart Lake. Another popular backdrop is the Blue Pond, called the Magical Lake which its shimmering blue hue— changes into a lovely green in certain light.

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From historic temples to scenic landscapes and fine cuisine, Nara has it all. Home to the most number of World Heritage Sites in Japan, the beauty Nara offers can truly be appreciated by all. While the picturesque landscape makes for excellent pre-wedding shots, you can turn your Japan pre-wedding shoot into a memorable trip. Tread the famous pilgrimage paths and surround yourself with stunning views as you relax in hot spring baths.

When autumn rolls around in prefecture, it’s fascinating to see how the area gets painted with thousands of vividly coloured trees. Nara’s fall foliage experience is exceptionally beautiful. Historic landmarks such as Todaiji Temple and Horyuji Temple make for excellent photoshoot spots! For animal lovers, please visit Nara Park when you can have a close encounter with the lovely Japanese deer.

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Tokyo is the consummate modern metropolis – a land of staggering skyscrapers, dizzying neon signage, and the world’s busiest transport hubs. It is constantly evolving while capturing the essence of traditional Japan. This synergy between tradition and ingenuity is what makes Tokyo the city it is today. The views from skyscrapers are perfect backdrops for a modern, chic pre-wedding shoot. On a clear day, you can see the snow-capped cone of Mt Fuji, Japan’s iconic volcano lording over the western edge to provide you with the jaw-dropping landscape for your Japan pre-wedding shoot.

You can visit Tokyo at any time of the year because the weather is temperate, however, the best times will be either during fall or spring as summers can get hot and humid. Everyone knows the famous Shibuya Crossing which is the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing surrounded by neon-lit building. There are endless photographic possibilities here. If you’re looking for something different, you can try visiting Yurakucho which is an old part of Tokyo that has not changed much for the past 70 years.


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Osaka is home to both historically valuable and breathtakingly stunning locations for anyone to visit. One of the most famous spots is the Osaka castle which holds a major role in the unification of Japan. The highlight of this attraction is that it is one of the best spots to glimpse the traditional cherry blossom trees during the spring season. Now, who would not want those lovely cherry blossom trees as part of their pre-wedding photographs!

The Osaka Castle is a must visit for your pre-wedding shots with cherry blossoms! Encompassing Osaka Castle and other historical landmarks, The Osaka Castle Park is famous for sakura cherry blossoms and plum blossoms. The best time to visit will be early spring to early summer as this is the time the plum and cherry trees bloom abundantly.

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Okinawa is a paradise full of stunning sights ranging from the beautiful ocean, historical ruins and townscapes. You easily get the best of both worlds with a visit to Okinawa – take full advantage of the gorgeous landscape for the perfect pre-wedding shots and take the time to sail, dive, swim and explore as you immerse yourself in the exotic culture of Okinawa.

Cape Zanpa is the northernmost point in Yomitan and it’s known for its fully-functioning Lighthouse and awesome cliffs. This makes an amazing spot for pre-wedding photos. Driving toward the Cape Zanpa Lighthouse, you might pass the Zanpa Beach. Zanpa Beach is fantastic because it’s one of the few powder-sand beaches in Okinawa and there are many photographic possibilities for your pre-wedding ‘running on the beach shots!

You must be thinking how you’re going to plan a hassle-free Japan Pre-wedding shoot. From selecting the gowns to choosing the right photographer, doing the research for the ideal spots and oh, not forgetting choosing hair and makeup services, it can get very overwhelming! This is why we make it all so easy for you by taking care of the entire pre-wedding photoshoot planning in Japan – we have an entire team dedicated to bringing you the ultimate Japanese experience while capturing your pre-wedding shots!

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