5 Secrets on How to Select Your Dream Gown

bridal gown

Being unable to find the perfect bridal gown is one of the biggest nightmares for most brides.
Without knowing what to look for while hoping to look great on the big day, many brides eventually will be blindly trying hundreds of wedding dresses from many bridal shops.

So, what should we do to find your dream gown?

The Internet is Your Best Friend

Do some research before heading to any bridal boutique to prevent a wasted trip. Social media platform like Instagram and Pinterest have millions of pictures of bridal gowns.

The amount can be overwhelming but this is where you get the inspirations for your dream gown.


Wedding Style Really Matters

bridal gown

bridal gown

(Credit Photography by Coffee Tang. Makeup & Hairdo by i Heart Blooms. Starring Kaiting & Ken)

Your wedding style clashing with your bridal gown is one of the things that you wouldn’t want to have.
To avoid things like this, we need to decide on what your wedding style is. Do you want to be a princess in a ballroom wedding or a goddess at a garden party?


Think on Your Shape

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It is advice for the bride-to-be to try on different silhouettes. It allows you to get the perfect look and impression on what shape that suitable and looks good on you.
By then, you will find your dream gown that matches both your wedding style and body shape.

Make Different with Colors

bridal gown

You need to find colours that actually complement your skin tone to look right. With so many colour variations available today, you may like to source for the ideal coloured bridal gown that matches your venue settings too.

Express Yourself

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(Credit Photography by Love Confetti. Makeup & Hairdo by Jennis Wong. Starring. Yuhui, Debora & Jacelyn)

“A smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman’s body.” Expressing your own taste in your wedding gown is the key to everything.  A perfect bridal gown is the one that shows the best version of you.

If you feel like a novice on this, follow those steps above. It is suggested to start the entire thing way ahead at least 10-12 months prior to the wedding date. It allows you enough time to shop for your ideal dream gown. Good luck!

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