Today, let’s share some useful Photoshoot Tips with you! Read on to find out more.

Do you remember the time when you were so excited to leave your house, you left something important (like your keys or your wallet) at home?

We’ve all had instances of faulty memory before and as your big day is coming up, you definitely wouldn’t want to risk missing out on the important details. Experts have proved that creating a to-do-list can help fight against your own forgetfulness and hence we have compiled the 5 items for your to-do-list to prepare you for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

1. Desired Pre-wedding Photoshoot Venues

When you engage a bridal boutique or your wedding photographer, you would have probably taken a look at their portfolios before picking them. During this time, you can have a visual of where you would like to have your pre-wedding photoshoot taken.

Search around for pre-wedding photoshoot locations or simply ask your professionals whom you have engage. By communicating the confirmed locations to your photographer prior to the shoot, it gives him ample time to know what and which equipment he should use for the different settings.


2. Making An Alternative Plan

Rainy weather is always associated to gloomy days but you don’t have to have those days if you planned one step ahead. In case of bad weather, have alternative shooting venues like indoor photo shoot locations or if you know the weather forecast for the next day perhaps you can communicate with your bridal or your pre-wedding photographer for an alternate date.


3. Coordinate Your Outfits

When we say coordinate your outfits, we don’t mean just getting couple tees for your wedding shoot. During your fitting session, your bridal assistant will usually learn about your designated pre-wedding photoshoot locations and venues, along with studying your body shape before advising you on which gown designs will suit you. Hence, after you have chosen your gowns, you can have your groom match your gown for your wedding day.

Coordinating also lies in wearing outfits that complements or outshines your photoshoot backdrop/setting. What do you think will match your indoor venue’s backdrop or the lovely green foliage for your outdoor photoshoot location? You wouldn’t want to end up wearing a green gown amidst the greenery, would you?


4. Any Props?

The last point is optional and not every bride and groom will want to bring along props to have a wedding styled shoot. However, if you were to bring along your own and would like to do the set up before the pre-wedding photoshoot, let your photographer know first. As setting up takes time, this allows your pre-wedding photographer to factor in this extra time too.


5. Search For Pre-wedding Photoshoot Poses

Sure, your photographer is going to make you feel at ease and will have professional advice on how the both of you may look more intimate or romantic, but ultimately everyone’s perception of ‘the perfect shot’ may differ.

To save you the trouble of having any unwanted disputes with your pre-wedding photographer at the end of the day, you can search on Pinterest or any other wedding photography websites to gather inspiration for your ideal photoshoot poses. Save them in your mobile phone and remember to practice first then you’ll be all set for your dream wedding shoot!

Wait, there’s more!

Since you’ve read till here, we shall give you 3 more bonus tips which will save your life (or your photoshoot)!

If your groom is wearing a white suit, nude underwear should go hand in hand.

If no makeup artist is following you throughout the day, keep your handy and trusty mini make-up pouch ready with you.

Keep yourself hydrated and refreshed by bringing a water bottle. Use a straw in order not to ruin your lipstick.

Here you have it, the ways you can combat on missing out the important details for your local or overseas pre-wedding photoshoot! As it varies with different brides, feel free to add more items to your list which you feel may be essential in preparation for your wedding shoot but try not to overload yourself or you’ll be back to square one!

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}The Louvre Bridal Team