5 Common Comparisons for a Wedding/ Solemnization

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You’ve gone through so many websites and wedding forums looking for the answers to make comparisons first before making the right decision with your wedding planning that you can’t even count them anymore. If this sounds like you, you’re in for the best bite-sized knowledge treat!

At this point, even if you’ve just started planning for your wedding or are already in the midst of your wedding or solemnization planning, these expert tips will set you in the right direction. Focusing on the more important decision factors to you such as budget, time and preference, this compiled version of the 5 common wedding comparisons will help you weds-to-be answer your pressing questions instead of you having to crack your brains and eventually be unnecessarily stressed out.

Excited to find out what they are? Read on!


1. Wedding Luncheon Vs Wedding Dinner

A magical ballroom wedding banquet event is always depicted as a dinner ceremony, but that doesn’t mean you should immediately rule out the option of a wedding lunch because both options have their pros and cons.

An afternoon wedding will be more suitable for budget savvy weds-to-be but time constraints should be considered Vs a wedding dinner the couple can have more time to space out their day’s activities and take a breather for a few hours before the evening. Evidently, it may be more costly especially on auspicious dates, the choice is really up to you eventually. If your budget allows, a wedding dinner also usually creates the mood for people to liven up during your wedding or drink more booze (if that’s what you’re going for)!

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2. Solemnization on Separate Day Vs Solemnization on the Actual Wedding Day

Touching on sequence of events in the previous point, it brings us to this next comparison! In recent years, more and more couples are looking towards having a same day solemnization simply because the ROM can happen just before the dinner ceremony and thereafter everyone can enjoy the sumptuous spread during the banquet and it’s definitely a more budget friendly option!

What a separate day solemnization can offer which the former cannot, would be the experience and the photos, especially if the two were done at different, unique or momentous venues. Furthermore, having the solemnization on the same day might be a bit too rush too, if the travelling time plays a huge part.

In summary, what you can save on while having your solemnization on the same day would be time looking for venues, having to manually come up with 2 lists of guests and less cost incurred.

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3.Overseas Pre-wedding Vs Singapore Pre-wedding

This question would have crossed any bride-to-be’s mind at least once.

Being exposed to so many breathtaking overseas pre-wedding photos in magazines or online, it’s only natural for every bride to want to have a taste of what it’s like. An overseas wedding shoot is also a chance to have a pre-honeymoon for you to spend a few days to relax and unwind with your beloved.

However, your daydream moments soon tie in with your practical self and you learn to be rational. A Singapore pre-wedding photoshoot would easily fit the bill for a more budget conscious bride as it usually ranges from $800 onwards for a professional photographer.

Whereas, an overseas shoot will probably cost three times the price as you probably need to take care of the flight tickets, accommodation and miscellaneous logistics expenses. (depending on your desired location). Yes, at first it may seem like you are lowering your expectations and throwing this dream away but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Because the money could be better spent on your actual day wedding 🙂

Also, with the option of Thematic Concepts or styled shoots widely available now, you too can have that wedding shoot that looks like you’re overseas, while staying in Singapore. That’s truly the best of both worlds, we would say!

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4. Bespoke Wedding Outfits Vs Off-The-Rack Wedding Outfits

Every girl’s dream is to shine and look her best on her wedding day. No doubt, your wedding gowns will play a crucial role in making you glamorous and some brides may tend to get ahead of themselves and start looking for top-designer gowns as inspiration for their bespoke wedding gowns.

Creating bespoke gowns is a dream come true for every bride but it usually cost $2000 and up. Selecting from a wide range of versatile available off-the-rack wedding dress designs is also favorable in helping save time and cost as it can range from $300-$800/gown if it is inclusive in a bridal package. With top bridal boutiques constantly coming up with new range of designs, you can have one less thing to worry about and since alteration is inclusive, you can be assured with getting the best fit too.

Another tip for both brides and grooms to consider, would be if they see themselves wearing these gowns and suits ever again. Depending on your answer, you can make a more informed decision as you weigh the factors of time and cost.

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5. One-stop Wedding Services Vs A-la-carte Vendors

Last but not least, this comparison will definitely determine the bulk of how much time, effort and money you will be needing to spend for your wedding! Just like ordering food at your favourite fast-food restaurant, a meal tends to be cheaper than ordering your items a-la-carte. But with that being said, we all know ordering your food doesn’t involve as much risk as planning a wedding.

Being a once in a lifetime event, some brides may want to splurge more on bridal gowns and save up on the wedding photography by engaging freelance photographers. Or at the other end of the spectrum, spent a huge sum on getting very renowned photographers and assume they can balance out their budget by buying cheap wedding dresses online with sub par quality, keeping their fingers crossed till it arrives.

If you intend to choose individual professionals for their various services, do make sure that you have the ample time and budget to go ahead with it. Planning and booking of vendors need to be done latest 6 months in advance to secure them, especially if they are hot on the wedding market. However, if you choose to opt for a comprehensive stop, be rest assured that many one-stop bridals presently have a pool of experienced professionals and you could shortlist those bridals that allow a selection of professionals.


If budget is your main concern, make the right decision with a “budget calculator” process.

1.Write down your realistic wedding budget. (No cheating!
2. For each of the comparisons, if you are unsure of what to pick, simply put the price of each option beside it.
3. Whip out your calculators and start adding up the sums
4. Voila! Your decision is made 🙂

We hope that this tips-sharing post has provided you with a more comprehensive knowledge on how to choose each option wisely, based on which factors are more influential in your decision. There is no one concrete answer because every couple is different.

Remember that in the process of this all, share your opinions with your other half to ensure that the both of you are on the same page. After all, this wedding is a celebration of your union and it is important that both you and your partner enjoy the process, together.

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