3 Most Popular Wedding Colour Palettes

Colours, are often the simplest yet most important factor of your choice to anything ranging from your mobile phone case to how you would want your wedding to look like!

At this juncture, even if you may or may not have an idea of what colours you would like to have at your wedding to best reflect your own style, with our top picks of popular wedding colour palettes, beautifully compiled into wedding mood boards it will get you all excited!

wedding colour palettes -01

Sweet: Blush, Cream, Peach

Starting off with something light and neutral, blush or peach tones are perfect for sweet and dainty brides! Inducing a fresh and romantic essence, these hues brings out a mild spring vibe and make great wedding themes for outdoor weddings.

Don on a refreshing peach bridal gown with a voluminous tulle and finished off with soft pink roses on your hand bouquet or a nude shade table cloth along with white and peach centrepieces and you’re good to go!


wedding colour palettes -02


Rustic: Green, White, Oak

Brides who are nature lovers are usually more inclined to this combination and we totally understand why! The hint of oak and teak colours reminds us of the crisp autumn leaves in fall and even though we don’t have 4 seasons on our sunny island, at least you get to introduce these fall elements in your wedding if you wanted to!

This colour combination is all about keeping the look natural and the colours more muted. Stun your guests with a completely sheer back wedding dress with minimal romantic lace sewn on. Also, since the look is kept fresh and minimal, you may opt for a more figure hugging A-line gown too. Choose to add a few fresh flowers on your cake or in your hair to embody sweeter natural elements!

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Pastel: Periwinkle, Baby Blue, Baby Pink 

Last but not least, we have pastel! Pastel colours may have been around for ages but with its light shades, it is a very tricky set of colours to play with because it can look like a sweet wedding to a 10-year-old birthday party real quick.

The most important rule of thumb we would say is to choose one or two dominant pastel shades which you would like to include then fuse it with neutral shades like peach or white to soften out the child-like feel. Go bold in a two-toned periwinkle pastel ballgown, perhaps with a sweetheart bustier to accentuate a romantic and ethereal feel. Do it right and your fairy-tale princess dreams will come true!

We hope you have enjoyed the colour combinations as much as we did compile them! Because colours play a significant role in our lives, it should also resonate with your wedding planning. With a certain colour palette in mind, it helps you narrow down your choices during your gown fitting session, making it easy to find your desired wedding gown!

Like our wedding colour palettes or have other colour combinations you would like to share with us? Come drop by for a cup of tea and we can help you with that!

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