Are you having overwhelming excitement to shop for latest 2023 wedding dresses in Singapore? This bridal fashion season is full of creative designs and modern elements. So, here’s the five bridal fashion trends from Bridal Fashion Week that will dominate wedding dresses in this year.


1. Off- the- Shoulder

2023 wedding dresses Singapore -- Louvre Bridal


Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses are perfect for brides who want to add a feminine edge to their attire. This neckline is not only highly flattering but also a sexy detail to any wedding dress silhouette. Structured sweetheart shapes and transparent fabrics embellished with floral embellishments were used in this piece. Therefore, this will give you the feeling of being a princess from a fairy tale if you wear the off-the-shoulder neckline.


2. Transparency

2023 wedding dresses Singapore -- Louvre Bridal


There is no doubt that transparent wedding dresses are one of the season’s biggest trends. These dresses can range from ultra-sexy to subtly sheer. In addition, the fabrics used in this dress style are often see-through and feature glistening beads, appliqués, and embroidery.


3. Blue Hue

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For several seasons, wedding dresses always go with many surface designs on white backgrounds. Despite these changes, blue remained the dominant color this season. It’s time for brides to take a chance by making gorgeous blue gowns for your march in.


4. Minis

rent wedding dresses Singapore -- Louvre Bridal


Minidresses have been an afterparty option for some time, but with micro weddings on the rise. These leg-baring beauties deserve to be the main event option. The high-low style of these minis is even better if they are styled with a transparent skirt or an avant-garde cape that matches the trend we have discussed.


5. Elaborate Ballgowns

bridal ballgowns Singapore -- Louvre Bridal

While mini dresses are on the rise, ballgowns remain in demand. Large-scale weddings are returning. With cascading floral embellishments and tiers of ruffled lace, this waist-cinching skirt paired well with an off-the-shoulder neckline.


We hope this 2023 wedding dresses style guide in Singapore gives you some wedding gown inspirations to kick-start your wedding gown shopping. So, follow our social media accounts for more #BridalInspo! In addition, do get in touch with us to learn more about our bridal dresses & wedding photography packages.

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