Tis’ The Season of Love & Giving

Date:  5th December 2015
Time:  11am –  6pm (By registration only)

Everyone’s favourite time of the year is here again! Be it whether you’ll be snuggling up with your loved ones, unwrapping presents or singing jolly Christmas songs, you’ll have something more to celebrate about this year.

The Louvre Bridal wants to thank all our fans for supporting us throughout all these years and to share this festive joy, we have something up our sleeves! We would like to cordially invite you to our boutique this 5th December to enjoy special treats from us! We’ll be giving away at least $1,500 worth of vouchers from elite partners from various industries like renovation, furniture, props specialist, music schools, manicures, accessories, beauty spa and more!

These special privileges are given to every couple who signs up with us specially for this event! What’s more, when you’re here, take a peek at Santa’s stockings and you’ll be wowed by his mystery gift. :)

RSVP NOW and enjoy these Christmas gifts from us during Tis’ The Season of Love & Giving Event!




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