Grooms, we know it’s tempting to leave all the work to the brides, but if you have been wondering why your bride has been getting so stressed over your wedding planning and yet have no clue on any of the wedding plans, it’s probably because you haven’t been getting your hands on the wedding planning as much as you should.

Afterall, your wedding is a special celebration for the union of you both, wouldn’t it be more memorable if it was done together? Imagine how you’ll still be laughing yourself silly over all the small yet significant moments after your wedding.

So you’re ready to lend a hand but not sure where to begin? Here are some tips for you to help your bride reduce a load of her shoulders, making her feel appreciative that both of you are a team and you’re all in this together.


Share Your Thoughts

We understand brides may be a handful with their wants and expectations for the wedding and in order to appease them, you may choose to simply agree just because you don’t want to see the love of your life displeased. It is definitely admirable to give respect to your other half but sharing your constructive opinions may turn out to be an even more spectacular idea to your wedding planning puzzle. Not only would your bride feel like you want to be a part of the wedding but at least now she wouldn’t feel like she’s all alone in this.

However, there will definitely be a moment where comments will be unnecessary and that’s when mum’s the word! For instance, if your bride asks you to pick amongst 3 similar bridal gowns, do not tell her that they all look the same to you, just smile and point to the one you think she will look most appealing in. That way, you can avoid any hostility from her throughout the day during the gown fitting session in your desired bridal boutique, a win-win situation!

Be Actively Engaged

Do not be the groom who’s all talk and no action. Besides giving ideas, in order to make these ideas work you should also meet the wedding vendors with your bride such as going to the wedding venues or bridal boutiques. Have a clearer picture of how your wedding will look and be like when you hear the professional advices given by the various vendors.

In this way, you will also be able to make sound decisions without having the need to relay information to each other, which sometimes lead to miscommunication. With you actively participating in the planning, it will definitely leave her in high spirits and she may even pamper you with your favourite dishes or food!


Do Your Best To Look Your Best

With every beautiful bride, should come a dashing groom as well! Yes the spotlight will be on your precious princess as she glows and look stunning in her wedding gown but that doesn’t mean that her beau should look any less spectacular.

As her wedding gown accentuates her curves, why not do some mini exercises within the months leading up to your wedding too? Not only will you look more dapper in your charming suit but you will also feel 10x more confident about yourself as you take a stroll down your aisle together on your special day.

Surprise, Surprise

Planning the “perfect” wedding possible is bound to rain down multitudes of stress on your bride (since we both know ultimately she will be doing most of the wedding planning). A good tip will definitely be not to ignore signs of her feeling this way but a great tip would be going a little extra mile to lift her moods up.

In the midst of stress, take her out on a romantic date and ask her to forget all about the planning for the night or cook her a meal and do a simple movie date at home, whichever works better for both of you. She will be enlightened and re-energized by your thoughtful efforts and will smile at herself knowing that you are obviously the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with.


You’re All In This Together

Your wedding may be a celebration between you lovebirds but you will be relying on your groomsmen to help you more than you will expect. Just like how your bride has already begun finalizing her bridesmaids, you too need to build your own entourage. Is your friend the type to panic and his mind shuts off when met with hurdles during planning? Has he had history of getting drunk at your other friend’s weddings?

Choosing the right groomsmen its not only all about fun and games but you will need a team you can rely on and will be responsible in helping you get through your special day smoothly.

In Any Case, Never Add Fuel To The Fire

One last tip, which may seem apparent but very easy to forget, never add insult to your bride’s emotions. When preparing for the wedding your brides emotions may go topsy-turvy and she might even start saying hurtful things about someone, perhaps her bridesmaid.

Never ever join in and support her by saying nasty things as well because when she has calmed down, she will probably remember what you have said. Also, do not tell her it’s not something worth getting emotional about but instead hear her out and understand why she feels this way. At times, when she hears herself ranting, she herself will understand how unreasonable she sounds and snap back to reality. Once again, it will be a win-win situation!

Some help will always be better than no help at all, and your brides will truly appreciate you if you choose lend a hand or even divide or split the planning equally. Even to the extend of researching on different wedding themes or bridal dress designs and cuts will definitely leave her impressed.

If you are a groom and you think these tips are helpful for your wedding, feel free to share with other grooms! If you are a bride and think this will help your groom with your wedding preparations? Subtly share the posts with him and we’re sure he’ll get the hint! 😉

But lastly here’s a word to all brides out there too:
Don’t be too hard on your grooms as you know, he is still trying his best to understand he’s still learning every step of the way to plan a blissful wedding with you.

Happy Wedding Planning!

}The Louvre Bridal Team