Getting married in Singapore isn’t always a piece of cake – not only do you have to spend a great deal of time finding wedding vendors you can feel comfortable with, but also finding the perfect ballroom or wedding venue to celebrate your extraordinary moment.

Before you know it, the mountain of decisions that requires your personal attention seems as daunting as trekking Everest in slippers and shorts. But before you start pulling all your hair out, hold your hands right there!

Wedding showcases in hotels are the perfect ‘pre-wedding planning’ events for you to get a taste of what your ideal wedding can be like. Not only will you get a preview of how the ballroom will look like on your wedding day but also have a cosy environment to discuss and learn more about the friendly wedding vendors at the show.

Besides featuring handphone snapshots from our team when we were at Carlton Hotel Singapore and Hilton Hotel Singapore recent wedding shows, we have also compiled the best insider scoop on wedding showcases on what you can expect, how you should go about and what you can do to make the most out of it!


The Ultimate One-Stop

The greatest plus point about going to hotel wedding showcases is when you are greeted by their wondrous setups on display. On any normal day if you were to book an appointment with the hotel, more often than not the function rooms and ballrooms might be booked for other events. Hence, resulting in only being able to take a peek of what the venue looks like.


Furthermore, if you’re not someone who can imagine very well, you’d appreciate the setups done during the wedding shows to help you visualize the exact space and setup on your wedding day, to have a better concept of everything.

Smart couples usually go to these shows to make conscious decisions in a time-efficient manner. With the amount of research done to select their partnering vendors, these events have highly recommended and specially curated vendors from the hotel, such as videographers, photographers, wedding favours, wedding cakes, live bands and bridal boutiques to bring you the ultimate firsthand experience of reliable vendors at your fingertips.

Rather than looking for a needle in a haystack, you can now know where to start and how to be on the right track with your wedding planning!


What’s extremely rewarding about the wedding shows is that you get to experience with all your senses what you can’t find online or in the printed word. You’ll get to indulge in many other things like the flowers arrangement, taste the cakes and also listen to the bands just like how couples did at Carlton Hotel Singapore. Also, see the latest trends of gowns, feel the gowns on displays, discover various pre-wedding photoshooting new launched themes.

And if you’re lucky, sometimes these shows include a fashion show of the new launch gowns! Giving you a first-hand taste of how you can envision yourself walking down with your entourage too, in that exquisite and lovely gown. That’s definitely a bonus! (what’s new, what’s popular)


With other vendors like props rentalists, decorations and instant prints, it also gives you a vast amount of inspiration on what to include and how your wedding day can be like. Sometimes, this inspiration provides a zest in you which never came across you, till you head to these events! All available one-stop for you, you get a first hand taste and experience to visualize before making a big commitment.

What’s more, once you’re face-to-face with the experts, you can ask them your most burning questions, which is why you should head for these wedding showcases.


The Right Etiquette

We get that the idea of visiting your shortlisted 8922938 hotel venues are tempting but we suggest attending 3-4 shows, or you risk getting a case of headaches over wedding shows.

It is good to hear advice from your married friends on which hotels they suggest but ultimately the decision is yours, so do yourself a favour by short listing at most 4 shows that you really want to go and make your decision from there!

We have collaborated with recommended hotels like Carlton Hotel Singapore for their wedding showcase on 2nd April 2016 and Hilton Hotel Singapore on 3rd April 2016, and we’re not kidding when we say they have much to offer! They have the ultimate intimate solemnization function rooms or luxurious ballrooms for your grand extraordinary affair. From the decor to the array of food, these hotels bring you the finest and exquisite display to pick for your luncheon or dinner banquet.


The Cream of the Crop

Remember we said that the hotel only shortlists the most reliable and trustworthy vendors? How do you define them then? During your discussion with the vendors, you should always feel comfortable with discussing your plans as they listen to your preferences.

A quality vendor should ask you questions and provide sound advice towards your wedding. A good rule of thumb is to proceed cautiously, yet for popular vendors you should book them as early as 6 months to 1 year in advance. During these shows, many vendors give you your utmost support in preparation for your big day with many offering special perks, privileges and even discounts at the shows! With this, you can save up on quite a bit and work towards that dream house of yours!


At a reasonable price to register for the wedding showcase or some even giving complimentary admission, you get to delight in the scrumptious bites available at the wedding showcase. With the food tasting session, you have a better idea on what you would prefer to put on your wedding menu!

Wow aren’t wedding showcases a huge treat?

There you have it, the insider tips on wedding showcases and how to make the most out of them. So remember, the next time you get the opportunity to attend a wedding showcase, don’t pass up on it if it’s within your Top 5 wedding venues if not you’ll regret it!

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