Your wedding is not only a milestone for you but also your beloved, thus naturally a lavish celebration should be held to commemorate this extraordinary occasion. Right now, you’re probably even digging out ‘that book’ which contains autobiographies of your primary schoolmates because you just can’t bear to leave anyone off the list.

However, realistically speaking if you want to spend your money wisely and provide a comfortable atmosphere for yourself too on the wedding day, you won’t be able to invite everybody.

As words like ‘weddings’ spread around like wild fire, what you can do is to pre inform guests you have invited that you have limited seating for your wedding lunch/dinner. But what do you do when you’ve already made your list and have no idea who to cancel off?

Here are 9 types of guests you can consider! But do remember to be mindful and considerate when doing your selection by putting yourself in their shoes and at the same time respecting your own wishes :)

  1. Troublemakers

Well, this should be a given. If this friend of yours is known to cause trouble and dampen everyone’s joyous spirits after a couple of drinks or perhaps is one to always have something to complain about, you can consider leaving him/her out.


  1. Ex Classmates

If you have not caught up with them in the last year and you’re probably not going to speak to them again after your wedding, we assure you its alright to cancel them off your guest list. And if you’re wondering if sending them invites to Facebook games counts as catching up, no, that doesn’t count either.

  1. Plus Ones

This is quite a tough one. However, what you can do is perhaps allocating plus ones to those friends of yours whom you know have been seriously dating, living together, engaged or married.

Do not worry if you leave out ‘plus one’s’ for your single friends, because we’re pretty sure if most of their friends are invited too, they’ll be happy just being in their company.

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  1. Under 12

We know, we know. When we were younger, we would love to turn up for weddings and the extravagant dinner that came along with. But truth is, the risk of having children ruining your romantic and perfect ambience and turning the reception into a children’s playground is very high.  We’re not saying its a definite no, but weigh the options and decide for yourself. Sometime gaining their opinion would help too.

A tip we can give is probably to hint across to your guests is to list down the names of the guests who are invited only. Be sure to be specific, you don’t want a family of 8 coming when you’ve only invited just the couple.

  1. Ex Lovers

There are many instances where couples actually go through a good breakup but it is best not to invite your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend to your wedding. You wouldn’t want to take risks on your special day, do you? However, once again it’s to each its own. If the both of you are on a mutual agreement, then that’s great. But don’t blame us when you’re back to square one and you’re left with one person to cancel off from your list.


  1. Business Associates

We know what you’re thinking about. You can consider announcing your marriage during a lunch meeting instead, while you treat them for the meal of course.

  1. Co-workers

We all spend almost ¾ a week with our co-workers, so its no wonder if you’ll feel compelled to invite all your colleagues from the office even though you are not on buddy terms with everyone.

Perhaps consider to only invite those whom you will hang out with out of working hours. If you have no after work hours bonding with them, then he/she should also not feel offended not to be invited for your wedding. Yes, including your boss. If you are afraid of the politics that may arise after, let those that you are inviting to not spread the word about your wedding reception. After all, if they are put themselves in your shoes, they’ll definitely be more than happy to do that for you.

  1. Distant Relatives

Due to Chinese culture, parents will probably want to invite all your relatives including some whom you can’t recall the names and faces to. If you are unable to invite them due to space and budget constraints, let your parents know nicely and explain to them that they can’t invite everyone.

  1. Relatives or Friends Whom Migrated

Unless your guests play an important role in your life, if they will need to travel by plane to attend your wedding, consider leaving them out. Bear in mind there’s the additional air ticket cost!

We hope right now you already have a rough idea on the number of people you can strike off your list and ease your stress on planning. If you know of other types of guests which you think all brides and grooms should avoid or have any wedding tips and advices you would like to know more about, feel free to let us know at!

Happy Planning!

}The Louvre Bridal Team