“Oh gosh, I completely forgot about this!” screams the bride, she then proceeds to tug at her hair hoping that her fairy godmother will miraculously appear and save her on her wedding day.

This is not a scenario you would want to be in and let’s face it, you may have some really great sisters helping you to pick up the loose ends on your wedding day but ain’t no fairy godmother can save you. In order to save yourself from any panic attacks on your most special day of your life, here are 9 lifesaver points to put on your wedding day preparation checklist!


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1) Get Ready With A Robe Or A Shirt

Usually brides get their makeup done before changing into their gown. Hence, opting for a robe or a button-down shirt deters you from messing up your gorgeous bridal hairdo and makeup. Also, remember to wear something you’ll want to see in your wedding photos if you have a photographer snapping shots of you getting ready on the day of your wedding. No way are you going to let everyone know you still keep that t-shirt from 8 years ago!

2) Clingy = Not Good

We don’t mean you being clingy to your bridemaids for help on your wedding day. As your gowns have really heavy fabrics, static will be present. A tip will be to run your gown over the long end of the metal hanger. (FYI, it probably might work only on sheath dresses or A-Line gowns since the ballgowns can’t fit through) This trick should be used promptly wearing your wedding gown. For more instant static fixes, Wikihow is your new best friend.


3) Let Your Veil Down

Battling with your veil in the wind is not only bothersome but also embarrassing on your wedding day. Remember to have one of your bridesmaids or your bridal makeup artist to help you pin them down properly. For added precautions, sew in some weights at the bottom of your veil to keep it down. This is a huge life-saver if you are having an outdoor wedding and strong winds start blowing!

4) You’ll Need A Handy Bride’s S-O-S Kit

Smeared lipstick, bad breath or a minor smudge of your eyeliner and all you need is an emergency bridal pouch. You can never predict is some minor bumps will happen on your wedding day and you would have no time to go back to your hotel room to get your it fixed. Keep the essentials such as lipstick, eyeliner, bobby pins, fresh mints, safety pins and tissues to name a few with your bridesmaids and make sure they have it with them 24/7 and you’ll be prepared for any hiccup.


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5) Powder Up

With the multitude of layers on your wedding dress and Singapore being a sunny tropical island, it’s natural to find yourself sweating a lot. To avoid looking and feeling uncomfortable every time you take a few steps in your wedding gown, simply apply a thin layer of baby powder to keep yourself smooth and dry. What a hack right? You’re most welcome!

6) Bring Flats Or Your Energy Will Be Flat

You have the perfect pair of crystal, shiny bridal shoes every bride-to-be is eyeing on but your feet will be the one crying at the end of the day. Without a doubt, your feet will be hurting after wearing it the whole day so prepare a pair of comfortable flats to make you feel less drained throughout the day!

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7) Say No To Sinking Bridal Shoes

If you’re having an outdoor wedding celebration where there are many grass spots or at the beach even, you should invest in a few heel protectors. These heel attachments provide a larger surface area, leaving you to walk comfortably. The last thing you want to be labelled as is the “Titanic Bride” when your wedding guests witness your heels slowly sinking into soft ground right?

8) Chug Those Bottles

Hold up. We don’t mean those sweet drinks or even worse, beer bottles. On your wedding day, with so much happening around it is vital to keep yourself constantly cool and hydrated. What’s more, keeping yourself hydrated reduces sebum secretion on your face, keeping you fresh and maintaining your makeup.


9) Just Enjoy The Ride

To be honest, no matter how minute you get into your planning. Small hiccups are bound to occur on your wedding day. But that’s no reason to spoil your mood on your most important day of your life! Entering into a life with your other half and starting your journey together as newlyweds and marrying the man of your dreams is already perfection in itself. If hiccups do happen, don’t sweat it! Keep calm and trust your bridesmaids to help you :)

With this guide, you should be ever-ready to face your wedding day without having any panic attacks! Because the last thing you’ll want to do is sulk in front of your beloved friends and family as they celebrate with joy for your special celebration.

No one wants to be a last minute bride, plan your time well and keep yourself updated for more essential wedding hacks or secrets on our blog! Stay tuned! 😉

}The Louvre Bridal Team